Enclosure Kits

Labconco™ Ultraviolet Lamp Kit

For Purifier™ Logic™+ Biosafety Cabinets and PuriCare™ Procedure Stations

Labconco™ Automatic Pressure Controller Gas and Vacuum Tubing Connection Kit

For use with Precise™ Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes

Labconco™ Ceiling Enclosure Kits for Protector™Premier™, XL and XStream™ Laboratory Hoods

Ceiling enclosures extend top of hood to the ceiling to hide exposed ductwork, plumbing and wiring

Labconco™ Blower Foot Switch for Protector™™ Filtered and Combination Glove Boxes

Provides a hands-free means to temporarily shut off power to the blower when obtaining sensitive balance readings or manipulating fine powders

Labconco™ Drying Train: Flowmeter

Accessories for Labconco Drying Train

Labconco™ Transfer Caddy

Replacement caddy for XPert™ Bulk Powder Enclosure, Filtered System, and Station

Labconco™ Drying Train: Oxygen and Moisture Tubing Kit

Accessories for Labconco Drying Train

Labconco™ Utility Shelf Kit

Keeps accessories in reach

Labconco™ Starter Kits for Forensic Enclosures

Kits include accessories needed for any type of forensic drying.

Labconco™ Purifier™ Clean Bench IV Bar Kits

Support intravenous solution bottles and bags

Labconco™ Add-a-Valve Kit for Precise™ Glove Boxes

Includes necessary components to add a service valve to the main chamber or transfer chamber