Fume Hood Conversion Packages

Labconco™ UV Light for Purifier™ Delta Biosafety Cabinets

UV lamps for Labconco Purifier Biosafety Cabinets and PuriCare Procedure Stations.

Troemner™ Talboys™ Labjaws™ Lab-Frame Fume Hood Kits

Specifically designed to fit within laboratory fume hoods

Labconco™ Color-Smart Acid Gas Filter Cells for Paramount Filtered Enclosures

For use with Paramount™ Filtered and Duet Filtered Enclosures.

Labconco™ Protector XVS™ Ventilation Stations: PVC Duct

Accessories for Labconco Protector XVS Ventilation Stations

Labconco™ XVS™ PVC Elbow for Ventilation Stations

PVC Elbow for Ventilation Stations

Labconco™ PuriCare™ Flow Station Waste Container

For PuriCare bedding disposal station

Labconco™ Syringe Tubes

For carbon saturation detection

Labconco™ PuriCare™ Flow Station Waste Container Dolly

For PuriCare bedding disposal station waste container

Labconco™ Fluorescent Light Kit

Provide interior lighting for the XPert™ Balance Enclosure, Protector™ XVS Ventilation Station, or the Demonstration Hood

Labconco™ Protector XVS™ Ventilation Stations Accessories: Remote Blowers

Remote Blower for connection to XPert Balance Enclosure, Protector XVS Ventilation Station, Purifier HEPA Filtered Enclosure, Protector Work Station or Protector Demonstration Hood.

Labconco™ Ceiling Enclosure Conversion Kit

For 4-8 in. Protector™ XL Floor-Mounted Fume Hood

Labconco™ Work Surface Accessory, PVC Trap

Customize your SpillStopper worksurface with a PVC Trap, designed to prevent backflow and odors from escaping.

Labconco™ Remote Blower for Protector™ Workstations

Remote Blower, for Labconco Protector Work Station without Blower.

Labconco™ Positive Air Conversion Kit for Purifier™ HEPA Filter Glove Box

Change the built-in blower operation from standard negative pressure to positive pressure operation.

Labconco™ Syringe Kit

For carbon saturation detection

AirClean™ Systems Fume Hood Fixtures

Available on all sliding sash ductless fume hoods and AirMax™ polypropylene total exhaust fume hoods. AirClean™ Systems Fume Hood Fixtures are installed and color coordinated, per international standards.

AirClean™ Systems Variable Speed Driver

Blowers can be turned on/off via AirMax™ controller when fitted with AirClean™ Systems Variable Speed Driver.

AirClean™ Systems Molded Polypropylene Sink

AirClean™ Systems Molded Polypropylene Sink is light in weight and easy to install.

Labconco™ Fluorescent Light Kit Products for Science Education

Labconco Fluorescent Light Kit provides interior lighting for Protector™ Demonstration Hoods, Protector™ XVS Ventilation Stations, and XPert™ Enclosures.