Janitorial Products

Vileda Professional™ Roll-O-Matic™ Sponge Mop Refills Get IT Item

Vileda Professional Roll-O-Matic™ sponge mop refills are made in the USA with “Advanced Technology” foam. They are manufactured specifically for the controlled environment industry, and allow 25% more liquid absorption and 2X more liquid release than competing foams.

Rubbermaid™ Premium Cut-End Rayon Mop Head

For floor finish applications

Vileda Professional™ Extendable Universal Handle with Color Coding Rings

Provides an ergonomic feel and reliable telescoping performance. Vileda Professional-FHP Extendable Universal Handle with Color Coding Rings is part of the UltraSpeed Pro System and was developed to be simple to use.

Vileda Professional™ DuoPress™ Wringer

Flat mop press/wringer to use with CE Bucket Trolley

Micronova™ CurtainCleaner™ Handle

For use with CurtainCleaner Slipcovers

Vileda Professional™ 25L Longish Bucket With Color Coding Clips

For use on Controlled Environment Bucket Trolley or Pre-Prepared Trolley

Rubbermaid™ WaveBrake™ High-Performance Mopping Systems

Mop bucket/wringer system reduces splashing for safer, more productive cleaning

Vileda Professional™ Evolution Telescopic Handle

Effective, ergonomic cleaning tool for window cleaning tasks. Vileda Professional Evolution Telescopic Handle is made of Aluminum.

Perfex™ Polymer Fixed Length Handle

To optimize working posture while improving comfort level and cleaning efficiency. Perfex Polymer Fixed Length Handle are 100% recyclable and lightweight.

Vileda Professional™ Sentrex™ Cut End Wet Mop

Vileda Professional™ understands that using the right mop for a specific application is very important. We have provided you with an offering that will meet your needs, whatever they may be!

Micronova™ PolyMesh™ Sponges

Break down tough soils

Micronova™ Slim T™ Double-Bucket Cart

Suitable for use with SlimLine™ and T-Mop™ Series and a variety of other mop heads. Optional Wringer available (19-121-802).

Micronova™ CurtainCleaner™ Slipcovers

Ideal for medical device and pharmaceutical applications