Classroom Safety

ZING™ Enterprises SDS Binder

Each binder contains a heavy-duty ring assembly, available in 3 sizes.

Fisherbrand™ Chemical Splash Goggles Products for Science Education

Lens coated to minimize scratching and fogging.

Fisherbrand™ Powder-Free Exam Vinyl Gloves Products for Science Education

All gloves are 100% air tested.

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Polyethylene Apron Products for Science Education

Lightweight plastic apron is sturdy enough to be reused.

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Face Shields Products for Science Education

High-quality, optically clear, distortion-free 7mil film.

Ansell™ SP Scienceware™ White Plastic Aprons Products for Science Education

Plastic aprons won't crack, peel, or stiffen with use!

Fisher Science Education™ Periodic Table of Elements Poster Products for Science Education

Offers a large format and easy-to-use display.

Justrite™ Polyethylene Red Liquid Disposal Cans Products for Science Education

High-density polyethylene offers superior chemical resistance and leak protection.

Globally Harmonized System Warning Pictogram Poster Products for Science Education

Explains the nine Physical, Health and Environmental Hazard pictograms as part of the GHS system of classification/labeling of chemicals.

3B Scientific™ Colored Eye Chart Products for Science Education

Simultaneously screen for color blindness while testing visual acuity.

Eisco™ Goggle Sanitizer Cabinet Products for Science Education

UV light kills the germs on goggles after laboratory use.

EVAC+CHAIR™ Model 300H MK4 Evacuation Stair Chair Products for Science Education

Evacuation Stair Chair is designed to allow a safe controlled descent of an individual from unlimited stories.

Innovating Science™ Vinyl Periodic Table Poster Products for Science Education

Colored printing helps students distinguish between metals, non-metals, and noble gas families as well as allowing them to differentiate types of metals, solids, liquids and gases from synthetic elements.

Primary Science Safety Glasses Products for Science Education

Make safety a habit with these functional, kid-friendly glasses.

Chocolate - T-Shirt Products for Science Education

White cotton T-Shirt imprinted with molecule design of cocoa in brown.

ZOLL™ Medical Electrodes for AED Plus™ Defibrillators Products for Science Education

For complete CPR and defibrillation delivery

Economy Ultraviolet Goggle Sanitizers Products for Science Education

Sanitize and store 30 to 40 goggles or safety glasses in the same cabinet.

Human Physiology Charts Products for Science Education

Explain the major functional systems of human anatomy and physiology.

Fiberglass Fire Blanket in Packet Products for Science Education

Lightweight and stored in a highly visible packet.

NewPath Learning™ Earth Science Flip Chart Set Products for Science Education

Graphically Introduce and Review Key Curriculum Topics!

Ultraspec™ 2000 and 2001 Eyewear Products for Science Education

Adjustable side temple for a customized fit.

Acid Cabinets Products for Science Education

Polypropylene lock assembly, padlock with two keys.

NewPath Learning™ Owls and Owl Pellets Flip Chart Set Products for Science Education

Graphically Introduce and Review Key Curriculum Topics!

Disposable Polyethylene Food Service Gloves Products for Science Education

Resistant to most chemicals, reagents and acids.

Ansell™ Neoprene Apron Products for Science Education

Heavy-duty apron offers broad spectrum protection from a wide range of chemicals.

Opti-Klens™ Wash Fountain Products for Science Education

Chrome-plated, solid brass unit easily installs on any existing sink or basin faucet as a permanent eye wash fountain, yet does not interfere with normal faucet functioning.

Stat Strip™ Adhesive Bandages Products for Science Education

Easy handling and application.