Biology Classroom Genetics

Lab-Aids™ Heredity and Environment

An exploration of the relationship between heredity and environment in seed traits. Lab-Aids™ Heredity and Environment has student germinate hybrid tobacco seeds in darkness and in light before making observations.

Lab-Aids™ Genetic Equilibrium and Natural Selection

Students study the principles of genetic equilibrium and natural selection as a process of evolution. Lab-Aids™ Genetic Equilibrium and Natural Selection is a practical simulation to help students understand these concepts.

Lab-Aids™ Random Chance and Probability

An exploration of the principles of probability and random chance in relation to genetics. Lab-Aids™ Random Chance and Probability helps students develop a clear understanding using practical exercises.

Aqua Phoenix™ Murray the Mayfly Components Products for Science Education

Replacement parts for Educational Kit

Edvotek™ SYBR™ Safe DNA Stain Products for Science Education

Improved staining efficiency without altering the DNA.

Edvotek™ Sickle Cell Gene Detection Products for Science Education

Gain an understanding of the effect of mutations on health and disease.

Edvotek™ Amplification of DNA by PCR Products for Science Education

Easy PCR experiment, students will make billions of copies of a small amount of DNA.

Eisco Genetic Traits Taste Testing Strips Products for Science Education

Demonstrate how the ability to taste a certain compound is based on heredity.

Edvotek™ In Search of My Father Products for Science Education

Solve the mystery of two boys separated from their parents a decade ago.

K'NEX Education™ DNA Replication and Transcription Set Products for Science Education

This wonderfully flexible set demonstrates DNA and mRNA molecules and processes.

Edvotek™ Linking Food Science to Biotechnology: Unlock the Color of Candies Kit Products for Science Education

Investigate how agarose gel electrophoresis unlocks color code used by food scientists to make colorful candies.

Edvotek™ DNA Fingerprinting by PCR Amplification Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the utility of DNA amplification in forensics.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating and Applying Genetics Kit Products for Science Education

Explore selective breeding for desired traits in crops such as corn.

Flexible Brushes Products for Science Education

Soft, single row of bristles fits easily into flask necks.

Carolina™ Formula 4-24™ Drosophila Medium Products for Science Education

This medium allows teachers to set up a new culture in less than a minute.

Edvotek Quick Plants™ Seeds Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

From seed to flower in 6-7 weeks.

What is Cancer Kit Products for Science Education

Learn about cancer, a disease that can touch everyone

How Does a Doctor Test for Lyme Disease? Products for Science Education

Learn about the ELISA Test.

Extracting Fruit and Vegetable DNA Products for Science Education

Learn about DNA extraction.

Edvotek™ Why Do People Look Different? Products for Science Education

Learn about the basic principles of molecular genetics.

Edvotek™ Genes in a Tube™ Products for Science Education

Students can transfer their DNA to a tube that can be worn as a pendant.

Edvotek™ Detecting the Silent Killer: Clinical Diagnosis of Diabetes Products for Science Education

Diagnose diabetes in three patients using urine glucose test and Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA).