Biotechnology Classroom Electrophoresis

Electrophoresis Gel Plate Rack

Separates glass plates to reduce chipping and cracking.

Edvotek™ DNA Fingerprinting: Identification of DNA by Restriction Fragmentation Patterns Products for Science Education

Reveals techniques used in forensic and medical procedures.

Edvotek™ In Search of the Kissing Disease Products for Science Education

Infectious mononucleosis is common among young people of high school and college age.

Edvotek™ In Search of the Sickle Cell Gene by Southern Blot Products for Science Education

Use Southern blots to detect mutations while gaining insight about the effects of sickle cell anemia.

Edvotek™ Cancer Gene Detection Products for Science Education

Track cancer formation and genetic patterns.

Edvotek™ Principles and Practice of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Products for Science Education

Introduce basic concepts and procedures of agarose gel electrophoresis with this complete experiment.

Edvotek™ Micropipetting Basics Products for Science Education

Pipetting is a critical skill necessary for the accuracy that is essential in scientific experiments.

Edvotek™ Analysis of Restriction Enzyme Cleavage Patterns of DNA Products for Science Education

Observe patterns and frequency of cleavage through agarose gel electrophoresis.

Edvotek™ AIDS Kit II: Simulation of HIV Detection by Western Blot Products for Science Education

Provides a comprehensive introduction to the molecular biology and pathogenesis of AIDS.

Edvotek™ DuoSource™150 Power Supply Products for Science Education

Edvotek's DuoSource 150 power supply is designed to power any combination of horizontal or vertical electrophoresis units.

Fisherbrand™ Owl™ P8DS Dual Gel Electrophoresis System Products for Science Education

Fast run times and easy operation for excellent results.

Edvotek™ Gemini Split Tray™ for Electrophoresis Apparatus Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For use with Edvotek electrophoresis apparatus.

Fisherbrand™ Large Gel Electrophoresis System Products for Science Education

Provide leak-free casting in a 20 x 25cm gel tray with six comb positions.

CBS Scientific Gradient Markers Products for Science Education

Linear with side outlets.

CBS Scientific QNX-700 Quadra Mini-Vertical PAGE/Blotting System Products for Science Education

Quadruple Capacity with Dual Function - 4 slab gels or 4 electrophoretic transfers can be accomplished in the same unit.

Fisherbrand™ Minigel Electrophoresis Systems Products for Science Education

Provides easy, leak-free casting without tape, grease or seals.

Edvotek™ Edvotek™ M36 HexaGel Electrophoresis Apparatus Products for Science Education

Apparatus allows you to run six gels and separate up to 36 samples simultaneously.

CBS Scientific Horizontal Standard Midi-Gel Kits Products for Science Education

Used with Midi Horizontal System.

Edvotek™ Electrophoresis Double Comb Products for Science Education

For both 8-well (30μL) and 10-well (20μL) volumes.

CBS Scientific Horizontal Standard Mini-Gel Kits Products for Science Education

Used with Mini-Gel Horizontal Systems

CBS Scientific Flexicast Horizontal Midi-Gel Systems Products for Science Education

One Unit, multiple gel tray lengths and adjustable gel caster.

CBS Scientific Horizontal Mini-Gel Productivity Packages Products for Science Education

Allows casting second gel while first is running for increased efficiency.

Edvotek™ Predigested DNA Products for Science Education

Predigested DNA for classroom studies

Edvotek™ DNA DuraGel™ Products for Science Education

Designed for students to learn pipetting samples in agarose gels.