Classroom Burets

Eisco™ Acrylic Burette Products for Science Education

Durable and reusable acrylic burettes feature graduations and include a PTFE plastic plunger

Supertek Scientific Acrylic Burets Products for Science Education

Transparent buret with leakproof stopcock fitted with self lubricating PTFE plug.

United Scientific Supplies Burettes, Class B, with Straight Bore Glass Stopcock Products for Science Education

For general laboratory use. United Scientific Supplies Burettes, Class B, with Straight Bore Glass Stopcock are made from better quality accurate bore tubing to provide high degree of accuracy, reliability, and durability.

Eisco™ Glass Burette with PTFE Key Stopcock Products for Science Education

Glass Burettes with PTFE Key Stopcock are designed with a single straight bore and features easy to read, printed graduations. Class-A and Class-B versions available.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ ValueWare Buret with Dust Cap Products for Science Education

Scale is durable black ceramic enamel.

GSC Go Science Crazy Glass Burette with PTFE Stopcock Products for Science Education

Avoid hassles by choosing a burette with a stopcock that won't freeze. The GSC International Glass Burette with PTFE Stopcock is subdivided by 0.1 ml, does not require grease and is nearly freeze proof.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ ValueWare Buret with Threaded Closure Fit Products for Science Education

Designed with threaded closure, which eliminates accidental dislodging of the stopcock assembly during use.

Dynalon™ Automatic Titrating Burets Products for Science Education

For use in laboratory, electroplating industry, water treatment plants and field analyses.

Eisco™ Double Burette Clamp Products for Science Education

Suited to hold two burettes up to 100mL.

Eisco™ Buret Rack Products for Science Education

Excellent solution for storing and protecting burets in the lab.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ KIMAX™ Burets with Stopcock and Dust Cap, Class B Products for Science Education

Feature a 0.07 in. (2mm) PTFE straight bore stopcock plug.

PYREX™ Burets with Locking Stopcock Products for Science Education

Replaceable components for cost savings

PYREX™ Replaceable Tip for 2145-SO Products for Science Education

Replaceable glass tip for the PTFE non-locking stopcock assembly No. 2145-SO.

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ ValueWare™ Buret Products for Science Education

Designed for use in educational institutions and for many general laboratory procedures.

Eisco™ Automatic Self-Zeroing Buret Products for Science Education

Self-supporting, closed system for classroom and lab use.

GSC Go Science Crazy Mohr's Burets Products for Science Education

For use with a pinchcock.

GSC Go Science Crazy Burettes with Glass Stopcocks Products for Science Education

Glass burette with ground glass stockcocks.

GSC Go Science Crazy Pinchcock Attachment for Buret Products for Science Education

Tubing slips over the end of any buret.

Dynalon™ Acrylic Burets Products for Science Education

Durable and transparent.

GSC Go Science Crazy Buret Tip Replacement Products for Science Education

Fits burets without glass stopcocks.