Classroom Electrical Supplies

Bare Copper Wire Products for Science Education

For general lab use and low voltage hook-ups.

Eisco™ Metal Electrodes Set Products for Science Education

Set of 7 high quality metal electrodes for student cell, 100 x 19mm. : Aluminum, copper, nickel, tin, iron, zinc, and carbon rod.

United Scientific Supplies Knife Switch, Screw Posts Products for Science Education

For low voltage experiments. (less than 36V)

3B Scientific™ Alligator Clip Products for Science Education

Accepts 4mm test leads or any other 4mm Multilam plug.

Heavy-Duty Batteries Products for Science Education

For low-drain devices or devices that are used infrequently.

Eisco™ Stackable Battery Holder Products for Science Education

Extend capacity or voltage.

Connecting Leads with Alligator Clips (300 mm) Products for Science Education

Enable quick, temporary electrical connections

GSC Go Science Crazy DC Ammeters Products for Science Education

For numerous electrical experiments.

3B Scientific™ Dismantlable Transformer Products for Science Education

For the generation of a powerful magnetic flux.

Snap Circuits Sets Products for Science Education

Create exciting experiments.

Elementary Snap Circuits Kit Products for Science Education

Great introduction to the world of electricity and electronics.

Eisco™ Degem™ Electronics Training Modules Products for Science Education

Module topic boards for use with the Degem Educational Electronics Workstation.

Mixed Materials Resistance Board Products for Science Education

Show how different wires of the same diameter differ in conducting electricity

Unknown Resistance Board Products for Science Education

Build on Wheatstone Bridge concepts.

Enameled Magnet Wire Products for Science Education

Use to construct electrical studies.

Eisco™ Basic Circuits Kit Products for Science Education

An inventive way to teach series-parallel circuits.

Eisco™ 1000mm Connecting Leads With Plug And Alligator Clip, Red Products for Science Education

The Eisco™ 1000mm Connecting Leads With Plug And Alligator Clip is a great solution in physics classrooms for assembling circuits quickly.

3B Scientific™ High Frequency Patch Cord Products for Science Education

For low-loss, low-capacitance transmission of high-frequency signals

Eisco™ 750mm Connecting Leads Products for Science Education

The Eisco™ 750mm Connecting Leads are great for use in the classroom or lab. The connecting leads allow for a quick, temporary electrical connection.

Science First™ Variable Induction Kit Products for Science Education

Current induced into a circuit is constantly changing and this effect is most notable for its use in RF transmitters.

Advanced Snap Circuits Kit Products for Science Education

Advanced topics challenge knowledge and creativity.

Eisco™ 6 Decade Resistance Box Products for Science Education

Provides 6 decades of ranges.

Intermediate Snap Circuits Kit Products for Science Education

Puts the excitement into electricity and electronics.

Eisco™ Rheostats Products for Science Education

Wide range of rheostats offering excellent value

Eisco™ Capacitance Sub Box Products for Science Education

Useful for general purpose electronic work.

Electronics Components Project Kit Products for Science Education

Learn all about electronics components such as resistors, capacitors, coils, transformers, semiconductors, and much more

Connecting Leads with Insultated Plugs (4 mm) Products for Science Education

Great for physics labs or any application that requires the assembly of basic circuits.