Classroom Heat and Thermodynamics

FLIR Systems C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System

Always be ready to find and show hidden heat patterns. The C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System is the world's first full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera designed for a wide range of building and electrical/mechanical applications.

Eisco™ Ice Melting Plates Kit Products for Science Education

To learn about the concepts of heat and thermodynamics.

Eisco™ New Calorimeter Products for Science Education

Double wall calorimeter of superior quality.

United Scientific Supplies Heat Conductometer Products for Science Education

Demonstrates differences in heat conductivity of aluminum, brass, steel, nickel, and copper.

United Scientific Supplies Bimetal Strip Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the thermal properties of matter.

Eisco™ Calorimeter Set Products for Science Education

Measure heat generated by chemical reactions or physical changes.

Eisco Four-Stroke Gas and Diesel Engines Products for Science Education

Air-cooled, side-valve four-stroke engines for gas or diesel.

GSC Go Science Crazy Five Metal Heat Conductometer Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the different conductive properties of various metals. The GSC International Five Metal Heat Conductometer contains one spoke each of aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and nickel extending from a central hub. This tool is perfect for classroom demonstrations of heat conduction principles.

GSC Go Science Crazy Convection of Gases Apparatus Products for Science Education

Demonstrates how convection currents work. The GSC International Convection of Gases Apparatus provides a compact, effective visual demonstration for students in classroom settings. Included instructions ensure easy operation and lesson success.

GSC Go Science Crazy Ball and Ring Metal Expansion Demonstration Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the principles of the expansion of metals. The GSC International Ball and Ring Metal Expansion Demonstration provides a simple and economical visual mechanism for explaining this concept. This demonstration is designed for use in classroom applications.

Dynalon™ Glass Capillary Tubes with One End Sealed Products for Science Education

Economical glass capillary tubes are for use with DMP100 Melting Point Device.

Vernier Vernier Melt Station Products for Science Education

Accurately determine melting temperature of solid substances.

American Scientific Calorimeter Products for Science Education

For determining specific heat, heat of fusion and heat of vaporization.

Vernier Vernier Melt Station Capillary Tubes Products for Science Education

For use with Vernier Melt Station.

3B Scientific™ Heat Pump D Products for Science Education

Demonstration model for showing how refrigerators and electrical compression heat pumps work.

EISCO Thermostat Model Products for Science Education

For demonstration of operation of thermostat.

EISCO Leslie's Cube, 13cm Sides, Tin Products for Science Education

Tin plate box with 130mm sides, used to compare relative radiant heat output from each of the four faces.

Eisco™ Heat Transfer Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrate and learn about thermal energy and heat transfer. EISCO Heat Transfer Kit introduce students to the concepts of thermal energy and heat transfer in a visually and kinesthetically effective manner.

EISCO Ring and Ball Products for Science Education

Mounted on brass rods with wooden handles.

EISCO Conductometer Products for Science Education

For demonstration of relative thermal conductivity of brass, copper, aluminum, iron, zinc and stainless-steel.

Eisco™ Heat System Physics Kit Products for Science Education

 To explore experiments such as Newton's Law of Cooling, Specific Heat, and the Expansion of Solids, Liquids and Gases. 

EISCO Steam Generator Products for Science Education

Thick-walled, aluminium can with nozzle for steam outlet.

Eisco Specific Heat Cylinders, Set of Six Products for Science Education

Same mass, but different specific heats.

Eisco™ Heat Transfer Kit Products for Science Education

Introduces concepts of thermal energy and heat transfer to students.

EISCO Bimetallic Strip Demonstration Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the principles of thermal expansion in metals. EISCO Bimetallic Strip Demonstration allows students to understand how bimetallic strips are applied practically in things such as thermometers, thermostats and heating coils.

Eisco Ventilation Apparatus Products for Science Education

For demonstrating the concept of convection currents.

Eisco Linear Expansion Apparatus Products for Science Education

Easy-to-use device shows the effect of volume on pressure.

3B Scientific™ Student Heat Experiments Set Products for Science Education

Set of apparatus for carrying out 10 basic student experiments on heat

Eisco Thermal Expansion Apparatus Products for Science Education

Bar and gauge device shows expansion due to heating and contraction due to cooling.