Metal Beakers

Polar Ware™ Stainless Steel Griffin Beakers with Handles

Seamless construction allows for safe transfer of liquids

Polar Ware™ Bain Marie Stainless Steel Containers

Highly non-corrosive containers feature a smooth finish and can be safely heated.

Polar Ware™ Stainless-Steel Graduated Measures

Graduated in ounces, cubic centimeters

Alfa Aesar™ Aluminum Beaker with Pourout Lip

Pour lip provides easy pouring of liquids into other containers.

Polar Ware™ Stainless Steel Griffin Beakers

Ensure accurate measurement and safe transfer of liquids

Medical Action Stainless-Steel Beakers

Will not rust, chip or peel

Medegen Stainless Steel Beaker Cup

Transfer liquids easily with easy-to-hold design