Compound Upright Digital Microscopes

Celestron™ Hand-Held Digital Microscope Products for Science Education

Ideally suited for examining small objects such as coins, stamps and insects, as well as viewing specimen slides at low and high powers.

Wireless Digital Microscope Products for Science Education

Highly mobile microscope ideal for professions where close-up inspection and recording is essential.

2.0 Megapixel USB Digital Microscope Products for Science Education

Ideal for close-up inspection and recording including microscopic measurements software.

Ken-A-Vision™ CoreScope 2 Cordless Microscopes: Mechanical Stage Products for Science Education

Affordable way to introduce students to microscopy.

Fisher Science Education™ Digital Compound Micrscope Products for Science Education

Supplied with powerful Motic software.

Fisher Science Education™ Intermediate WiFi Digital Compound Microscopes Products for Science Education

Get high resolution on any budget with these WiFi digital microscopes that transmit live images to iOS™ or Android™ devices.

Swift™ M3700 WiFi Series Advanced Microscope Products for Science Education

Built-in high-resolution streaming WiFi camera sets this microscope apart from others.

Swift™ M10 Series Compound Microscopes Products for Science Education

Capture digital still images or real-time video files directly onto an SD card without the need of a computer.

Swift™ M2252DGL Digital Microscope Products for Science Education

Enrich your lectures and labs with digital images.

Swift™ M10D Series Digital Microscopes with High-Resolution Camera Products for Science Education

Built-in, high-resolution 3 MP camera displays live images and captures pictures at 2048 × 1536 resolution.

Celestron™ Digital LCD and Microscope Accessory Products for Science Education

Great product for teens as well as adults for education, discovery, work and fun.

Celestron™ LCD Hand-Held Digital Microscope Products for Science Education

For viewing or capturing objects such as insects, plants, stamps, coins, rocks, currency, relics, circuit boards and much more.

Celestron™ TetraView LCD Touch Screen Microscope Products for Science Education

Digital Desktop microscope with color LCD screen.

Ken-A-Vision™ Kena™ 3-in-1 Digital Microscope Products for Science Education

The only 3-in-1 digital microscope designed for the classroom. Kena combines the capabilities of a compound microscope, stereoscope and handheld discovery scope in one fun, easy-to-use digital learning tool.

Celestron™ Micro FI Wi-Fi Microscope Products for Science Education

Handheld microscope with an internal Wi-Fi module for connecting to smartphones or tablets.

Mighty Scope Digital Microscopes Products for Science Education

Mighty Scope comes with software for easy capture of images or videos (measurement function included) and adjustable stand, optional boom type stand is also available.

Labomed™ Lx 400 Digital Research Microscopes Products for Science Education

Reliability in laboratory and research applications.