Microscope Replacement Parts

EVOS™ Imaging System Accessory, Microscope Objectives

Components manufactured to ensure publication-quality images

EVOS™ Light Cubes

Light engine outputs remarkable intensity over a short light path that delivers superior fluorophore excitation

Carl Zeiss™ Replacement Bulbs for Microscopes and Fiber Optic Power Supplies

For Carl Zeiss Microscopes and Fiber Optic Power Supplies

Carl Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ Microscope Replacement Bulb

For use with Carl Zeiss Invetoskop Microscopes

Applied Biosystems™ FLoid™ Printer Replacement Ink and Paper Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only. Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

For use with FLoid Cell Imaging Station-compatible printer

EVOS™ Microscope Arm Rest Kit

For delicate cell isolation procedures

Fisherbrand™ Stereomaster™ Zoom Microscope Fluorescent Ring Lamp

For zoom industrial pole and boom stand models

Fisherbrand™ Micromaster™ Microscope Objectives

Interchangeable DIN objectives for Fisher Scientific Micromaster Series Microscopes

Fisherbrand™ Micromaster™ Microscope Eyepiece Reticles

Adapt microscope eyepiece for counting, measuring or positioning

Fisherbrand™ Micromaster™ Infinity and Inverted Infinity Microscope Eyepieces

For use with Micromaster infinity optics microscopes and Micromaster inverted microscopes with infinity optics

Leica Microsystems CM E Halogen Lamp

For CME Microscope illuminator

Optics Maintenance Kits Products for Science Education

Tools for routine adjustments, alignments, and assembly and cleaning supplies for any multi-coated optics.

Labomed™ Microscope Replacement Bulbs Products for Science Education

For use with Labomed microscopes.