Injection Products

Thermo Scientific™ Valco Valves Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Six or eight-port replacement valves for use with existing actuator

Upchurch Scientific™ Stainless-Steel Sample Loop

Compatible with Rheodyne™ analytical injection valves

Restek™ Replacement Split/Splitless Injection Ports: Replacement Weldments

Replacement weldments for Agilent 5890 and 6890/6850 GCs

Restek™ Replacement Split/Splitless Weldment

Direct replacement for Agilent 5890 and 6890/6850 GCs

SGE™ PEEKsil™ Injection Loops

Compatible with most valves including Rheodyne™ and Valco™

Upchurch Scientific™ PEEK™ Sample Loops

Offer consistent volumes due to tight tolerances of extrusion processes

Rheodyne™ Stainless-Steel Sample Loops

For manual sample injectors