Liquid Chromatograph Solvent Handling Component Accessories

Thermo Scientific™ SRS Pro Solvent Recycling System Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Reduce mobile phase consumption by up to 90%

PYREX™ Gas Chromatograph Collection Tube, Standard Taper 5/5M

Replacement part for 6949M series of PYREX microchemistry kits

Hamilton™ Dual syringe Diluter Valve

For use with ML503A and ML530B instruments.

Restek™ Passive Air Sampling Kits

Provide accurate integrated sampling without a sampling pump.

Restek™ Replacement Frits for Passive Air Sampling Kits

For use in critical orifice fitting.

Restek™ Ultra-High Pressure Sample Cylinder Valves

Large, durable, Kel-F seat ensures leak-free operation.

Restek™ Sulfinert Sample Loops

Ideal for samples containing low concentrations of sulfur or other active compounds. Sulfinert treatment of Restek Gas Sample Loops eliminate active sites in the valve or loop for better recovery of active compounds.

Restek™ Veriflo Flow Controllers

Available in Siltek-treated and stainless steel versions.

Restek™ Low-Pressure, CPI Inlet Filter for Mobile Phase Reservoir

A 316 stainless steel knurled cap and Tefzel CPI ferrule seal to 0.125 in. OD PTFE tubing when finger-tightened onto the precision-machined filter holder.

Upchurch Scientific™ Inlet Solvent Filters: Filter Cups

Replacement parts for inlet solvent filters.

Restek™ Replacement Orifices

Use these orifices with a Veriflo 423XL flow controller to change the flow range for alternative sampling times.

Restek™ Opti-Cap

Fits all standard GL-45 bottles.

Restek™ Sulfinert-Treated Swagelok Sample Cylinders

Made of 304L stainless steel to resist corrosion and DOT rated to 1800 and 5000psig, which allows sampling at gas wellheads as well as on-site refineries.

Upchurch Scientific™ Inlet Solvent Filters: End Fittings

Manufactured from Polyether ether ketone (PEEK). Upchurch Scientific Inlet Solvent Filters: End Fittings are used for Analytical HPLC Systems.

Restek™ Opti-Cap Bottle Top Kits

Fits all standard GL-45 bottles.

Restek™ Alta-Robbins Sample Cylinder Valves

Large, durable, Kel-F seat ensures leak-free operation.

Upchurch Scientific™ Inlet Solvent Filters

Stainless-steel or multiple materials

Restek™ Sulfinert Replacement Rotors

Replacement rotors for sulfinert gas sampling valves

Restek™ Opti-Cap Bottles

Graduated, safety-coated bottles with GL-45 threads.

Restek™ Ultra-Clean Resin

Eliminates the hassle of cleaning and testing resin for air sampling.