Chromatography Fittings Tubing and Supplies

Hamilton™ PRP-C18 Reversed-Phase HPLC Column Accessories - Guard Cartridges

Guard columns protect HPLC columns by removing particulate contaminants and highly adsorptive compounds from samples thus prolonging analytical column life

Restek™ Siltek™ Press-Tight™ Connectors

Siltek deactivation for an inert pathway that maintains sample integrity

Upchurch Scientific™ Back Pressure Regulators: Cartridges

For use with Upchurch Scientific Back Pressure Regulators

SGE™ SilFlow™ GC Replacement Parts

Tightened using finger force to achieve a reliable seal, even for sensitive MS systems

Restek™ Sapphire Scribe

Cuts fused silica tubing

Restek™ UltraShield™ UHPLC PreColumn Filter

Cost-effective protection for UHPLC systems

Idex Health and Science Stainless-Steel Tubing 0.020 in.OD 0.005 in.ID

Seamless, precut stainless steel tubing is specially prepared for the exacting requirements of todays analyses

Restek™ Rethreading Tools

Repair worn or damaged threads

Restek™ CarboFrit™ Puller/Inserter Tool

Shaped to insert and remove CarboFrit™ inserts

Restek™ Wrench Set

Adjustable wrenches

SGE™ GC Inlet Liner Accessories

Accessories for use with GC inlet liners

Omnifit Packing Sleeves

Sleeves to connect glass columns

Restek™ Replacement Dual Vespel™ Ring Inlet Seals

Replacement seals for Agilent™ 5890/6890/6850 split/splitless injection ports

Restek™ UltraLine™ UHPLC In-Line Filter

In-line design installs easily with standard fittings

SGE™ GC Glass Wool

For use with GC instruments

SGE™ GC Inlet Liners

For use with GC instruments

Restek™ Replacement Frits for High-Pressure Frit-Type In-Line Filters

Replacement frits for use with Restek High-Pressure Frit-Type In-Line Filters

Restek™ Intermediate-Polarity Deactivated Fused Silica Guard Columns and Transfer Lines Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Most common solvents easily wet and create a uniform film on the tubing surface

Restek™ Ion Source Cleaning Powder

Clean surfaces that contact the sample or ion beam when encountering poor sensitivity and inadequate abundances at high masses

Restek™ Double Gooseneck Splitless Liners for Thermo™ TRACE™ and Focus™ SSL

Double gooseneck design for increased performance with larger sample introductions

Restek™ High-Pressure Frit-Type In-Line Filters

Designed for ease of use, low dead volume and flexibility