Gas Accessories

First Safety™ Lecture Bottle Stand and Carrier

Keep cylinders safe and secure

Fisherbrand™ Multistage Gas Cylinder Regulators

For Noncorrosive General Purpose Gases. Diaphragm-Sensed Dual-Stage Regulators designed for consistent outlet pressure delivery.

Fisherbrand™ Gas Cylinder Support

Keeps cylinders upright and safe

First Safety™ Gas Cylinder Stands and Brackets

All-steel construction cylinder floor stand and wall mounted brackets

Synthware™ Vacuum and Inert Gas Manifold with Solid Glass Stopcocks

High vacuum hollow glass stopcocks precision ground with corresponding numbers on barrel and plug. Lower vacuum chambers on stopcock are evacuated with a separate hole in the plug in order to hold the plug in the stopcock barrels.

First Safety™ Gas Cylinder Brackets

All-steel construction wall mounted brackets

Thermo Scientific™ Click-On™ Inline Gas Filters Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Eliminate contamination from your gas source for optimal GC performance with the easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Click-On™ Inline Gas Filters.

First Safety™ Gas Cylinder Chain Set

Welded chain set includes bit snap for easy chain connection

Fisherbrand™ R31B Series High Purity Low Flow Gas Regulators

Diaphragm-Sensed Dual-Stage Regulators designed for analytical applications where a consistent outlet pressure and flow are desired. For Noncorrosive High Purity Gases.

Troemner™ Talboys™ Labjaws™ Gas Cylinder Wall Bracket

With recessed screw holes on bracket sides that facilitate easy wall mounting

Restek™ Chrome-Plated Brass Gas Regulator

For use with noncorrosive, high-purity or liquified gases

Restek™ Wall-Mount Cylinder Holder

Prevent free-standing gas cylinders from tipping over and injuring personnel

Restek™ Gas Filter Bundle Kit

For easy, hassle-free cartridge changes.

Restek™ Super-Clean™ Gas Filters

Gas filter cartridges with a high-purity output to ensure 99.9% pure gas for laboratories

Restek™ Replacement Chemical Traps for Agilent™ Gas Chromatographs

Easy to install replacement chemical traps attach to the same fittings as original Agilent GC equipment

Synthware™ Nitrogen/Argon Manifold with PFTE Stopcocks

Features an outer joint at the center to fit a rubber septum for keeping syringes under an inert environment cutting down on the number used.

Thermo Scientific™ Javelin™ Direct-Connection Column Filters Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Protect HPLC systems with one-piece Thermo Scientific™ Javelin Direct-Connection Column Filters.

Fisherbrand™ Heavy-Duty Single-Stage Gas Cylinder Regulators

For noncorrosive general purpose gases. Diaphragm-Sensed Single-Stage Regulators are ideal for applications with intermittent short intervals of use.

Synthware™ Solvent Transfer Manifold

For purifying and transfering solvents under inert conditions

First Safety™ LB-Style Bottle Holder

Mountable on walls or benchtops

Synthware™ Vacuum Manifold with PTFE Stopcocks

Main tube is 22 mm O.D. with serrated hose connection (10mm O.D.) and delivery ports have 10 mm serrated hose connections. Distance between stopcocks is 75 mm.

Restek™ VICI™ Mat/Sen™ Gas-Specific Purifier Modules

Replaces separate oxygen, moisture, and hydrocarbon traps with one multiple-bed purifier, specific for purifying helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, or air

Restek™ Baseplates

Base plates fit all stand alone Super Clean gas filters offered.

Fisherbrand™ High-Pressure Single-Stage Gas Cylinder Regulators

For noncorrosive general purpose gases. Single-Stage Regulators feature reliable piston design for precise gas control at high delivery pressure up to 1500PSI and 3000PSI

VICI™ Restek™ Gas-Specific Purifiers Non-distribution product as customer accommodation.

Ideal for removing moisture, hydrocarbons and oxygen from gas chromatography gas supplies

Restek™ High-capacity and ECD Vent Traps

Includes connecting lines and mounting kit.

Restek™ Filter and Baseplate Kits

Single-position mounting baseplate with 0.125 in. inlet/outlet fittings (06-711-828)