Sterilizer and Autoclave Accessories

Thermo Scientific™ Biological Indicators, Incubator, and Pouches Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Easy and inexpensive methods to monitor steam sterilizer effectiveness

Heidolph™ Tuttnauer™ Automated Electronic Sterilizer Accessory, Stand

For use with 3850 and 3870 automated electronic sterilizer models

Heidolph™ Tuttnauer Automated Electronic Sterilizer Accessory, Printer Paper Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

For use with Automated Electronic Sterilizer, EP models

Sartorius™ Sterisart™ NF Sterility Testing System

Provides completely closed system sterility testing of pharmaceuticals, open containers, closed containers, pre-filled syringes, powders, and medical devices. Sartorius™ Sterisart™ NF Sterility Testing System is optimal for use with isolators.

Fisherbrand™ Bacti-Loop™ Micro-Sterilizer

Complete sterilization in seconds without spatter

Fisherbrand™ Immersion Basket with Handle

Faciliates complete immersion within S-line Ultrasonic Cleaner baths. Fisherbrand™ Immersion Baskets with Handle are manufactured from stainless steel.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ KC600 Kimguard™ Sterilization Wraps

The highest of six strength levels in the Kimguard line

Fisherbrand™ Infrared Micro-Sterilizer Accessories

Designed for use with Bacti-Loop&Trade; micro sterilizer

Argos Technologies™ Nova Microcinerator

Burner assembly can be adjusted to five different positions for improved user comfort

Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Covers for Ultrasonic Units

For use with Fisherbrand 112xx Series Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaners,

Mesa Labs Prospore™ Self-Contained Biological Indicator

Ideal for validating steam sterilization of liquids

Branson Ultrasonics™ Cleaning Bath Accessory, Mesh Baskets

For use with Bransonic ultrasonic cleaners

Leica Microsystems Bacti-Cinerator™ IV Sterilizer

Safely sterilizes loops and needles by infrared heat

Fisherbrand™ Glass Beaker with Cover

The Fisherbrand™ Glass Beaker with Cover is an ideal accessory for the Fisherbrand™ 11211 ultrasonic cleaner. This is a safe and economical choice for any laboratory.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ KC100 Kimguard™ Sterilization Wraps Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Soft, drapable wrap withstands tough handling

Propper Steri-Wrap™ I Sterilization Wraps

Propper Steri-Wrap™ I Sterilization Wraps features Penetrability for steam and/or ethylene oxide gas.

STERIS Dart™ Daily Air Removal Test

Dart™ Daily Air Removal Test is used in monitoring healthcare steam sterilizers.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ KC300 Kimguard™ Sterilization Wrap

Two sheets bonded together, making it possible to double wrap in single step

Propper Steri-Wrap™ III Autoclavable Wraps

Ideal for a variety of uses including OR and CSR wrapping

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ KC500 Kimguard™ Sterilization Wraps Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Offers precisely right protection for specific needs

Fisherbrand™ Covers for Fisherbrand™ Ultrasonic Cleaners

These covers are designed for the Fisherbrand™ Ultrasonic Cleaners.

STERIS VERIFY™ Bowie-Dick Test Pack

VERIFY™ Bowie-Dick Test Pack evaluate the performance of prevacuum sterilizers by confirming adequate air removal from the sterilizer chamber.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Kimtech™ Kimguard™ KC600 Sterilization Wrap

Kimtech™ Kimguard™ Sterilization Wrap is designed for sterile processing environments, such as in pharmaceuticals and medical devices.