Sterilization Verification Indicators

Sartorius™ Sterisart™ NF Sterility Testing System

Provides completely closed system sterility testing of pharmaceuticals, open containers, closed containers, pre-filled syringes, powders, and medical devices. Sartorius™ Sterisart™ NF Sterility Testing System is optimal for use with isolators.

Mesa Labs Prospore™ Self-Contained Biological Indicator

Ideal for validating steam sterilization of liquids

STERIS VERIFY™ Bowie-Dick Test Pack

VERIFY™ Bowie-Dick Test Pack evaluate the performance of prevacuum sterilizers by confirming adequate air removal from the sterilizer chamber.

STERIS Dart™ Daily Air Removal Test

Dart™ Daily Air Removal Test is used in monitoring healthcare steam sterilizers.

Steris Corp™ VERIFY™ Biological Steam Test Pack

Steris Corp™ VERIFY™ Biological Steam Test Pack to confirm the performance of sterility equipment

STERIS Steraffirm™ Bowie-Dick Test Packs

Steraffirm™ Bowie-Dick Test Packs are designed to evaluate the performance of the air removal system of a pre-vacuum equipped sterilizer.

Propper Duo-Spore™ Sporestrips

Contain two test strips and one control strip

Propper Manufacturing Sterilization Autoclave Tape Edge

Propper sterilization tape is designed to distinguish processed and unprocessed items

Propper OK™ Steam Sterilization Monitor Strips Edge

Preprinted standard reference color technology eliminates guesswork

Steris Corp™ VERIFYtrade; Biological Steam Test Pack (SCBI) with Control

Steris Corp™ VERIFY™ Biological/Integrator Challenge Pack used to monitor and qualify autoclave cycles

Steris Corp™ VERIFY™ SCBI Vial Activator Set

Steris Corp™ VERIFY™ SCBI Vial Activator Set ensures proper release of growth medium from ampule, and spore disc

Steris Corp™ Biological Steam Test Pack and Vial Activator Bundle

Steris Corp™ Biological Steam Test Pack and Vial Activator Bundle for use with VERIFY™ Biological Indicators

Sartorius™ Universal Pump for Sterisart™ Sterility Testing System Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Peristaltic pump for sample and media transfer into the Sterisart NF systems - Suitable for isolators

Steris Corp™ VERIFY™ Incubator Bundle

Steris Corp™ VERIFY™ Incubator Bundle for use with VERIFY™ Biological Indicators