Special Purpose Dishes

PYREX™ Crystallizing Dishes Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Reusable borosilicate glass dishes with heavy duty rims ideal for storage and crystallization

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ KIMAX™ Crystallizing Dishes

Ideal for storage and crystallization

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Watch Glasses

Inert to all materials except molten alkali metals.

Dual Manufacturing Company Aluminium Dishes

Heavy guage aluminum construction

CoorsTek™ Porcelain Combustion Boats

AD-998 High-Alumina labware

Saint-Gobain™ Chemware™ PTFE Watch Glasses

Used for weighing, crystallization, and drying

PYREX™ Watch Glasses Products for Science Education

Heavy walls and uniform fire-polished edges for strength.

Syracuse Watch Glasses Products for Science Education

Easily stackable watch glasses.

United Scientific Supplies Watch Glasses Products for Science Education

For covering boiling solutions.

Dynalon™ Polypropylene Watch Glasses Products for Science Education

Allow closer observation of precipitates.

EISCO Watch Glasses Products for Science Education

Range of different diameters.

GSC Go Science Crazy Cover Plates Products for Science Education

Used to cover beaker and flasks. GSC International Cover Plates are made of glass.

United Scientific Supplies Porcelain Casseroles Products for Science Education

Porcelain casserole dishes with porcelain handles.

Eisco™ Flat Bottom Glass Crystallizing Dishes with Spout Products for Science Education

Flat bottom glass crystallizing dishes with spouts for easy, mess free pouring. Ideal for storage and crystallization. Reusable and autoclavable.

Lab-Aids™ Chemplates™ Reaction Plate Products for Science Education

An inexpensive way to conduct safe and effective laboratory experiments.

American Educational Products Glass Plates Products for Science Education

For covering jars and beakers.