Books and Training Materials

Stop Faking It! Activity Book Series Products for Science Education

Develop a deeper understanding of scientific principles with accurate, easy-to-digest explanations, fortified with clever examples and fun-to-do activities.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Hooke's Law Products for Science Education

Inquiry-based investigation uses springs to illustrate Hooke's Law.

Kemtec™ Food Chain Kit Products for Science Education

Introduces students to the concepts of food chains.

Kemtec™ CSI Invent3 Kit Products for Science Education

Encourage students to conduct their own research and explore.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Collisions in 2-D Products for Science Education

Two-dimensional momentum and collision investigation.

Kemtec™ Volcanic Eruption Kit Products for Science Education

A hands-on volcano model building project complete with safe, simulated lava eruptions.

3B Scientific™ Teltron ESR/NMR Basic Set

For investigating electron spin resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance.

EISCO Organ Pipe

The EISCO Organ Pipe is a pipe with a movable piston that is marked with the chromatic scale from C (512) to (1024)

EISCO Fly Wheel, Metal 20cm Dia.

The EISCO Fly Wheel, Metal 20cm Dia is mounted on a horizontal shaft and is held in with ball bearings.

EISCO Visual Scientific Incline Plane and Car Products for Science Education

Students design a simple machine to pull a car up a ramp at a target speed.

Kemtec™ Forensics Kit: Elementary Crime Solving Products for Science Education

Students learn how to solve real-life mysteries using science.

Skeletal System Study Flashcards Products for Science Education

303 single cards for each system optimized for effective learning and understanding

3B Scientific™ Power Function Generator Products for Science Education

For use in simple harmonic oscillation, AC electricity and induction experiments.

3B Scientific™ Hydraulic/Pneumatic Lifting Platform Products for Science Education

For demonstration and practical training of experiments related to pressure.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Physical Science System Base Products for Science Education

A system that allows students to use all technologies available to learn physics through technology, engineering and real-world applications.

Kemtec™ Air Fern Kit Products for Science Education

Students experiment, observe and grow air ferns in six experiments.

3B Scientific™ Deep Fried Insides™ Display Products for Science Education

Displays unwanted side effects led by unhealthy diet.

EISCO Whimshurst Spare Belts

Stock up on replacement parts to prevent unecessary downtime. The EISCO Whimshurst Spare Belts are replacement belts for a Whimshurst machine.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Loop Products for Science Education

Loop investigation demonstrates conservation of kinetic and potential energy.

3B Scientific™ Atlas with the Pictures of Sets A, B, C, D Products for Science Education

Presents clear-cut of all fields of biology and covers all the organism studies in schools.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Physical Science System Class Set Products for Science Education

Great for just starting out or redoing an entire lab.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Ballistic Pendulum Products for Science Education

Velocity investigation highlights conservation of energy and momentum.

EISCO Hammer For Tuning Forks

The EISCO Hammer For Tuning Forks is great for student use.

3B Scientific™ Teltron Luminescence Tube S Products for Science Education

For light emission demonstration during and after electron bombardment of phosphorus anode.

Kemtec™ Human Activity and the Environment Kit Products for Science Education

Helps students understand how human activity affects the environment.

3B Scientific™ Teltron Maltese Cross Tube D Products for Science Education

To study the fundamental science of electron optics.

Edvotek™ Obesity - Differentiation of Fat Cells Products for Science Education

Cell culture model that helps in understanding differentiation of adipocytes.

3B Scientific™ Inorganic/Organic Student Set Products for Science Education

Teaching tool designed for school, college or self study (private) chemistry courses.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Physical Science System Starter Set Products for Science Education

A great start for setting up your physics lab economically.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Physical Science System Back Board Products for Science Education

Supports easy data collection using separate video analysis systems.