Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Carts Products for Science Education

Transport a variety of lab supplies, equipment and containers. Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Carts come fully-assembled from the factory and have a five-year warranty.

Ken-a-vision™ Microscope Charging Cart Products for Science Education

For USB cordless charging microscope. Ken-a-Vision™ Microscope Charging Cart is designed for easy access for students and teachers.

Rubbermaid™ Audio-Visual Carts Products for Science Education

User-friendly handle and four swivel casters ensure easy maneuverability.

Labconco™ Paramount Carbon Filter - Radioisotope Products for Science Education

Carbon-based filters used in a variety of enclosures require periodic replacement. The Labconco™ Paramount Carbon Filter - Radioisotope is a replacement filter for appropriate enclosures.

American Educational Products Jewel PlantMobile Products for Science Education

Durable construction, designed for mobility.

Bretford™ ECILS2 Compact Data Projection Carts Products for Science Education

Ideal for presentations that use data projector and notebook computer.

Bretford Data Projector Carts Products for Science Education

Pull-out laptop computer shelf can be set at a seated or standing height for a variety of uses.

Bretford Adjustable Height TV Carts Products for Science Education

Ample room on top shelf accommodates monitor up to 20 in. diagonal.

Adjustable Cart Products for Science Education

Recommended for use with up to 20 in. diagonal monitors

Bretford Adjustable Height Carts Products for Science Education

Comply with Greenguard™ Environmental Institute

Plant LITE™ Carts Products for Science Education

Easily movable wheeled cart.

Bretford™ TC12 Open Shelf Cart Products for Science Education

Open shelf design with large cord management bin and two pull out shelves.

Bretford™ TC15 Rack Mount Cart Products for Science Education

Two pull out shelves almost double the workspace, lower cabinet has front and rear locking doors with 19 in. rack mount rails and 16 unit spacing.

Edvotek™ EdvoFoto™ Digital GelCam

Low cost alternative for gel photos

Notebook Computer Cart Products for Science Education

Use to move computers between rooms or as a central storage location for notebooks.