Data Management Software

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Mark™ HISTO/Print™ License for Data Management Softwares

For integrating pre-2013 SHUR/Mark labelers to TBS HISTO/Print software

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Mark™ HISTO/Print™ Data Management Super Software

With 2-D data matrix barcode printing capability and printer load balancing

General Data Healthcare™ SHUR/Mark™ HISTO/Print™ Advanced Data Management Software

Allows customized printing of templates to enhance slide and cassette visibility and increase scan rates

Aldon™ Chemical Inventory Management System Products for Science Education

Helps you reach your safety goals by providing access to chemical management data from as many as 20 buildings in one school district.

Alluviam HazMasterG3™ CBRNE/IED Threat Identification System and HazMapper™ Threat-Mapping Software

Choose between comprehensive mobile HazMat/CBRNE/IED decision aid and threat-mapping software, or integrate the two

AristaTek™ PEAC-WMD™ Software Packages and Support

Software resource with intuitive interface puts a wealth of haz mat information into the hands of first responders

UVP Doc-It™ LS Analysis Software

Easy-to-use software package for 1D analysis of gels, plates and membranes as well as colony counting

Thermo Scientific™ ABgene™ 2DCypher™ Cluster Rack Reader

Complete stand-alone unit for high-speed reading of 96 2DCypher-coded tubes in cluster rack format

Fotodyne TotalLab™ Analysis Software

Versatile, easy-to-use software for the quantitative analysis of images from a wide range of biological samples including DNA and protein gels, Western blots and petri plates.