Chemistry Educational Videos

The High School Chemistry Student Survival Series, VHS Video Products for Science Education

Eight hours of essential chemistry instruction recorded on video tape.

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Chemistry Video Products for Science Education

Real world video labs with technology for measuring results.

Neo-SCI™ Chemistry Fundamentals and Techniques CD-ROM Products for Science Education

Collection of Master Fundamental Concepts and Techniques!

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Voltaic Cell Products for Science Education

For demonstrating characteristics of primary cell.  

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Conductivity Kit Products for Science Education

Provides visual demonstration of conductive properties of variety of liquids.

GSC International Hybrid Smart Science Electrolysis Kit Products for Science Education

Used to hydrolyze water and other compounds.

Discovery Education™ Lab Safety: The Chem Games Products for Science Education

Chemical games to teach essential chemistry lab safety skills.

Discovery Education™ Lab Safety Awareness Products for Science Education

Visually forceful demonstrations for creating awareness about lab safety.

Discovery Education™ Elements DVD Products for Science Education

Poet Roger McGough dramatizes the evolution of chemistry from Grecian times to present day.

Discovery Education™ Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements DVD Set Products for Science Education

Take a tour of the elements on the periodic table.

Discovery Education™ Elements of Chemistry DVD Set Products for Science Education

Six DVDs explore the essentials of chemistry.

Discovery Education™ Forensics VHS Videos/DVD Products for Science Education

Two-part video series shows how advances in forensic investigation technology aid in solving age-old mysteries.

Discovery Education™ Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Chemistry Products for Science Education

Host Bill Nye looks back over the past two centuries of Chemistry discoveries