Chemistry Educational Videos

The High School Chemistry Student Survival Series, VHS Video Products for Science Education

Eight hours of essential chemistry instruction recorded on video tape.

Neo-SCI™ Chemistry Fundamentals and Techniques CD-ROM Products for Science Education

Collection of Master Fundamental Concepts and Techniques!

Discovery Education™ Elements DVD Products for Science Education

Poet Roger McGough dramatizes the evolution of chemistry from Grecian times to present day.

Discovery Education™ Elements of Chemistry DVD Set Products for Science Education

Six DVDs explore the essentials of chemistry.

Discovery Education™ Lab Safety Awareness Products for Science Education

Visually forceful demonstrations for creating awareness about lab safety.

Discovery Education™ Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Chemistry Products for Science Education

Host Bill Nye looks back over the past two centuries of Chemistry discoveries

Discovery Education™ Lab Safety: The Chem Games Products for Science Education

Chemical games to teach essential chemistry lab safety skills.

Discovery Education™ Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements DVD Set Products for Science Education

Take a tour of the elements on the periodic table.

Discovery Education™ Forensics VHS Videos/DVD Products for Science Education

Two-part video series shows how advances in forensic investigation technology aid in solving age-old mysteries.