Environmental Science Educational Materials

Fisher Science Education™ Environmental Engineering Oil Spill Management Kit Products for Science Education

Hands-on oil spill awareness and cleanup kit designed for grades 7 to 12.

Fisher Science Education™ Total Chloride Test Kit Products for Science Education

For analysis of natural waters using a titration test method.

Fisher Scientific™ 4088 Traceable Hygrometer/Thermometer Products for Science Education

Provides readings instantly. It is ideal for constantly monitoring labs, fume hoods, walk-ins, plant areas, and storage facilities. Large, easy-to-read 1/2-inch-high LCD digits can be read from 15 feet.

Fisher Science Education™ Water Quality Saddle Bag Products for Science Education

For study of water pollution and its effects.

Fisher Science Education™ Biogas Kit Products for Science Education

Create real bio-renewable energy using readily available organic waste materials.

Edvotek™ Environmental Toxicity Response in C. elegans Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

In this experiment, students will observe and compare the effects of heavy metals found in the environment on normal and mutant strains of Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans). Edvotek™ Environmental Toxicity Response in C. elegans Experiment Kit contains five LIVE materials.

Student-Grade Kick-Net Products for Science Education

This robust net is ideal for student macroinvertebrate collection.

LaMotte™ The GLOBE Program Equipment: Soil Characterization Kit Products for Science Education

Test kit teaches students soil characterization and its real-world applications

Marine Science Outfit Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Learn about saline systems and brackish water.

D-Net with Expandable Pole Products for Science Education

Bag attached to metal frame with clamp rings.

United Scientific Supplies Secchi Disk

For water clarity measurements.

LaMotte™ Wide Range pH Test Kit Products for Science Education

Two octet comparators.

Shallow Water Outfit Products for Science Education

Turbidity in shallow water is no problem using this standardized reagent.

LaMotte™ Shore Tour Products for Science Education

Living responsibly on the edge of the ocean.

Kick-Net Products for Science Education

Strong net designed for rapid bioassessments.

LaMotte™ The GLOBE Program Equipment: Hydrology Kits Products for Science Education

Test kits teach the real-world applications of hydrology

LaMotte™ Dissolved Oxygen Kit Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Learn how to conduct oxygen-level tests for plants and animals.

Bottom Sampling Dredge Products for Science Education

Collect river bottom samples easily.

United Scientific Supplies Chemistry Hardware Assortment Kit Products for Science Education

Includes laboratory hardware most often used in general chemistry labs.

Innovating Science™ Acid Rain Science Fair Kit Products for Science Education

Ideal for use in the classroom or for science fairprojects to determine if you have acid rain in your area

Insect Lore Butterfly Pavilion With Prepaid Voucher Products for Science Education

Butterfly pavilion with voucher gives children, students and families an opportunity to observe the lifecycle of a butterfly. They watch as the hungry caterpillars change into a chrysalis then transform into Lady Butterflies and release them into the wild.

Do Landfills Really Work? Products for Science Education

Build your own mini-landfill and investigate the biodegradability of various wastes in a sanitary versus an open configuration.

Plant Kingdom Survey Set Products for Science Education

Set of 47 specimens includes not only the Plant Kingdom, but also the lichens, algae, and fungi that are often studied with true plants.

Hard and Soft Corals Educational Kit Products for Science Education

Use this attractive exhibit to introduce your students to the diversity of these colonial organisms.

Science First™ Aquatic Invertebrate Lab Kit Products for Science Education

Complete kit for the study of collected bottom-dwelling organisms.

Educational Insights™ BugWatch Products for Science Education

Place the unique Double-Viewer Cone over the Double-Viewer Scope and see your bug or other specimen from both the top AND bottom!

Fieldmaster™ AquaVue™ Products for Science Education

Place one end of the tube below the water surface to improve the visibility of aquatic plant and animal life as well as Secchi disc studies.