Health Education

3B Scientific™ Giant Cigarette Action Display Products for Science Education

Interactive display identifies health benefits of quitting smoking.

3B Scientific™ Body Fat Replicas Products for Science Education

Made of soft, pliable, long-lasting vinyl plastic.

3B Scientific™ A Year's Worth of Tar Products for Science Education

Represents amount of carcinogenic liquid intaken into lungs by one-pack-a-day smoker over one year.

3B Scientific™ Clem's Phlegm Display Products for Science Education

Demostrates consequences of smoking.

3B Scientific™ Smoked Lung Products for Science Education

Shows effect of cigarette smoking on lungs.

3B Scientific™ Occluded Artery Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrates deadly effects of high cholesterol.

3B Scientific™ Smokers Foul Mouth Display Products for Science Education

Displays variety of harmful effects caused to mouth by cigarette smoking.

3B Scientific™ Mr. Dip Lip™ Products for Science Education

Show effects of dipping on inner lip, gums, and teeth.

3B Scientific™ Teeth in Tobacco Juice Products for Science Education

Demostrates effects of smokeless tobacco use.