Magnets and Magnetism

3B Scientific™ Teltron Helmholtz Coils D Series Products for Science Education

Enables generation of uniform magnetic field perpendicular to axis of Teltron D series tubes.

3B Scientific™ Permanent Magnet Products for Science Education

With adjustable pole spacing.

3B Scientific™ Digital Teslameter with Probe Products for Science Education

Allows students to incorporate quantitative measurements into their magnetism experiments.

Iron Filings Products for Science Education

Great for magnetism demonstrations.

Eisco™ U-Shaped Magnet Products for Science Education

Includes keepers.

3B Scientific™ Magnetic Field Lines Demonstrator Products for Science Education

Use with an overhead projector to demonstrate the presence of magnetic field lines.

EISCO Magnetic Field Demonstrator Products for Science Education

Designed to show configuration of a magnetic field in one or two dimensions.

3B Scientific™ Teltron™ Helmholtz Coils S Series Products for Science Education

Enables generation of uniform magnetic field perpendicular to axis of Teltron S series tube.

EISCO Drilled Ball Set Products for Science Education

Classroom set enables learning of pendulums, density and mass experiments.

EISCO 2 Speed Ticker Timer Kit

Add a tried and tested method of measuring velocity and acceleration to labs and classrooms. The EISCO 2 Speed Ticker Timer Kit is a modern version of a tried and tested method of measuring velocity and acceleration.

EISCO Dry Field Mapping Kit

Makes the learning the concepts of electric fields easy. With the EISCO Dry Field Mapping Kit, students use the conductive paper that comes with the kit to draw any electrode configuration and then test it with an included battery.

Bar Magnet Set Products for Science Education

Alnico bars with keepers.

EISCO Magnetic Field Demonstration Plate Products for Science Education

Tool used to view magnetic fields.

3B Scientific™ Electromagnetic Experiment Set Products for Science Education

The Electromagnetic Experiment Set offers a concise set-up for experiments in advanced topics of electricity and magnetism such as induction and paramagnetism.

3B Scientific™ Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Coil Products for Science Education

Magnetize and demagnetize ordinary magnets.

3B Scientific™ Coil with Variable Number of Turns per Unit Length Products for Science Education

For the investigation of magnetic flux density of cylindrical coils as a function of the number of turns per unit length.

EISCO Air Cored Solenoid

Study electricity and magnetism using an external magnetic field. The EISCO Air Cored Solenoid is excellent for studying electricity and magnetism in experiments requiring an external magnetic field.

Eisco™ Ceramic Bar Magnet Products for Science Education

The Eisco Ceramic Bar Magnet with spacer and keepers is ideal for classroom experiments.

Medique Eye Magnet with Loop

For removing foreign particles from the eye.

Horseshoe Magnets Products for Science Education

Chrome steel, with keepers.

EISCO Iron-Clad Magnet Products for Science Education

High power electromagnet capable of lifting upto 100 lb.

Floating Ring Magnets Products for Science Education

Demonstrate magnetic repulsion in a colorful and memorable way.

Iron-Clad Electromagnet Products for Science Education

Capable of lifting up to 500 lb. (227kg).

Magnetic Field Chamber Model Products for Science Education

Demonstrate true magnetic fields.

Kemtec™ Let's Build Electromagnets Kit Products for Science Education

Introduce the Engineering Design Process for problem solving as you explore electricity and magnetism in this electromagnet building exercise.

Eisco™ Breakable Ceramic Magnet Products for Science Education

Eisco candy bar-style magnets are perfect for classroom laboratory experiments.

EISCO Metal Magnetic Needle on Stand

Study magnetism with this easy-to-use demonstration tool. The EISCO Metal Magnetic Needle on Stand is perfect for positioning a magnetic needle to create a tool for demonstrating and studying magnetism.

EISCO Oersted's Apparatus Products for Science Education

Show the action of electric current on a magnet.

EISCO Bar Magnets Products for Science Education

Perfect for classroom experiments.