Models and Model Making Supplies

Fisher Science Education Fish Dissection Model Products for Science Education

Bisected longitudinally to detail internal structures.

EISCO Human Nervous System Model Products for Science Education

Showcases coronal cutaway model of human brain.

Fisher Science Education Fish Dissection Economy Model Products for Science Education

Details general anatomy after dissection.

EISCO Deluxe Human Nervous System Model Products for Science Education

Helps in studying general view of the peripheral and central human nervous system.

EISCO Model, Endocrine Glands Products for Science Education

Section of human body shows the endocrine system.

3B Scientific™ Adult Human Skeleton Products for Science Education

Premier line of skeletal models offers educators medical-grade quality.

3B Scientific™ Shoulder Joint with Rotator Cuff Products for Science Education

Five-piece model teaches about the shoulder and rotator cuff.

3B Scientific™ Pelvis Skeleton Products for Science Education

Illustrate the difference between the male and female pelvis.

EISCO Model Human Female Pelvis, Pregnancy with Fetus Products for Science Education

Life size representation of a meidn section through the female pelvis in the 9th month of prenancy with removable fetus.

Fisher Science Education Respiratory System Model Products for Science Education

Depicts detailed structure of the human respiratory system.

Fisher Science Education Pituitary Gland (Hypothalamus) Model Products for Science Education

Shows magnified view of the pituitary gland.

3B Scientific™ Dog Skeleton (Canis domesticusProducts for Science Education

For mammal and comparative anatomy studies.

EISCO Animal Cell Division - Meiosis Model Products for Science Education

Displays different stages in meiotic cell division.

Fisher Science Education Bird Dissection Model Products for Science Education

Depicting natural-size domestic hen.

3B Scientific™ Sinanthropus Skull Products for Science Education

Representation of early man.

3B Scientific™ Brain of a Rat Products for Science Education

Medially sectioned model with transparent viewing area.

3B Scientific™ Digestive System Four-Part Model Products for Science Education

Two-part stomach reveals interior walls.

3B Scientific™ Human Skull Model with Cleft Jaw and Palate Products for Science Education

One-part skull depicts a male with severe malformation of the left skull half with cleft jaw and palate.

3B Scientific™ Fetus Skull Products for Science Education

Study the anatomy of a human fetal skull with this realistic replica.

3B Scientific™ 3-Part Pregnancy Pelvis Model Products for Science Education

Represents median section through female pelvis at 40 weeks pregnant with removable fetus

3B Scientific™ Hip, Knee and Elbow Joint Models Products for Science Education

For studying the anatomy of human bones, joints and muscles.

EISCO Muscular Leg Model, Nine Parts Products for Science Education

Dissectible Life size model with nine parts.

EISCO Model Human Torso half size with Head African - 9 Parts Products for Science Education

Half size African Youth Model dissectable in 9 parts.

3B Scientific™ Heavy Duty Torso Cover Products for Science Education

Protect your torso model with this heavy-duty protective cover.

EISCO Model Human Female Pelvis Products for Science Education

Life size model of female pelvis skeleton.