Educational Robotic Models

Kid K'NEX™ Group Set Products for Science Education

Build eight models, four at a time.

K'Nex Education™ Robotics Building System Products for Science Education

Engaging robotics set for middle and high school classrooms aims to teach students how to apply programming skills to operate various K'NEX models.

Kid K'NEX Education™ Classroom Collection Products for Science Education

General building set allows children to build, stack and sort while identifying colors, shapes and patterns.

Pumping It Up with Pneumatics Kit Products for Science Education

Discover basic pneumatic and hydraulic principles using syringes, tubing, valves and a variety of found materials.

Pico Turbine Bristlebot Educational Robot Products for Science Education

Build a Bristlebot in your home or classroom to teach basic engineering, motors, circuits, and balance principles. Bend, twist, and angle the chenille stems into different positions and see how it affects the movement and direction of Bristlebot.

OWI Jungle Robot Products for Science Education

Amazes and surprises students with its ape-like animation.

Line-Tracking Mouse Robot Products for Science Education

Tracks any black line on a white background.

Turning Frog Robot Products for Science Education

Moves in sequential steps when it detects noise.

American Scientific IQ KEY Perfect 600 Robotic STEM Kit Products for Science Education

For students to learn about engineering and its applications.

K'NEX Education™ Computer Control: STEM Explorations Products for Science Education

Exciting STEM set for middle and high school classrooms.

Pico Turbine Vorpal Mimsy Educational Robot Products for Science Education

Get your students involved in learning about robotics in and easy and convenient way with a Pico Turbine Vorpal Mimsy Educational Robot - featuring the free Vorpal Commander app for Android.

PicoTurbine MIMSY 1.0 Products for Science Education

Educational robot based on the popular Arduino Nano processor.