Non-Human Anatomical Models

EISCO Animal Cell Model Products for Science Education

Three-dimensional model showing electron microscopic structure.

EISCO Male Rat Dissection Model Products for Science Education

Internal dissection of a male rat showing important exterior and interior parts.

EISCO Star Fish Model Products for Science Education

General structure and details about tube feet.

3B Scientific™ Brain of a Rat Products for Science Education

Medially sectioned model with transparent viewing area.

EISCO Female Rat Dissection Model Products for Science Education

For students to study female rat anatomy including internal parts.

EISCO Carp Model Products for Science Education

Life size model dissectible into four parts for anatomical studies.

3B Scientific™ Dog Skeleton (Canis domesticusProducts for Science Education

For mammal and comparative anatomy studies.

3B Scientific™ Animal Foot and Leg Skeleton Specimen Products for Science Education

For comparative anatomy and other studies.

EISCO Hen Model Products for Science Education

Life size model dissectible into three parts for detailed anatomical studies.

EISCO Model L.H. Tapeworm Products for Science Education

Model showing comparison between Tapeworm and Taenia solium scolex.

Eisco™ Model Amphioxus Products for Science Education

Enlarged 150 times, showing features of chordates.

3B Scientific™ Dove Skeleton Products for Science Education

Study the construction of a dove skeleton.

3B Scientific™ Hare Skeleton ((Lepus europaeus) Products for Science Education

Mounted in a plastic showcase for easy display in the classroom.

EISCO Model Hydra Dissection Model - Enlarged - Hand Painted Products for Science Education

Enlarged dissection showing mouth coelentron, testis , gland cells, ovum, ovary etc.

EISCO Tapeworm/Taenia - Solium model Products for Science Education

This tapeworm model has 8 stages showing all of the anatomy of the tapeworm.

3B Scientific™ Pig Skeleton (Sus scrofa) Products for Science Education

Impressive specimen of adult pig with complete detail for anatomical study.

Animal Skeletons Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Real animal skeletons for a 3-D view.

Anatomical Model of Canine Heart and Lung Products for Science Education

Depicts average canine heart and lungs infested with heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis).

Giant Inflatable Insects Products for Science Education

Eye-catching, super-sized insects.

Anatomical Model of Canine Pelvis Products for Science Education

Depicts normal and osteoarthritic bone.

Anatomical Model of Canine Heartworm Products for Science Education

Depicts the presence of heartworms in a dog.

Anatomical Model of Canine Jaw Products for Science Education

Depicts healthy canine teeth on the right side and diseased/damaged teeth on the left.

Walter Products 6-Part Life-Size Rat Dissection Model Products for Science Education

Ideal for studying zoology with this lifelike reproduction of the anatomy of the rat.

Frog Model Products for Science Education

Sectioned for closer inspection.

Anatomical Model of Canine Elbow Products for Science Education

Depicts healthy left elbow of average size dog.

Carolina™ Articulated Animal Skeletons Products for Science Education

For use in detailed examination. Carolina™ Articulated Animal Skeletons are natural bone animal skeletons that are expertly mounted and covered.

Neo Sci Perch Model Activity Set Products for Science Education

Investigate the internal anatomy of a fish