Alternative and Solar Energy Apparatus

3B Scientific™ Renewable Energy Education Set Products for Science Education

Demonstrates clean energy technologies on a miniature scale.

3B Scientific™ Acrylic Low-Temperature Stirling Engine Products for Science Education

Set in motion by the heat of the human hand.

3B Scientific™ Sun Runner Stirling Engine Products for Science Education

Solar-powered engine offers a dramatic demonstration of energy conversion.

United Scientific Supplies Solar Powered Car Products for Science Education

Economical and attractive demonstration car model.

United Scientific Supplies Solar System Model Products for Science Education

Ideal for teachers to explain solar system to students.

Lab-Aids ™ Investigating Photovoltaic Cells Kit Products for Science Education

Lets students investigate transformation of energy from sunlight into electrical energy using photovoltaic cells.

Heliocentris Clean Energy Trainer Accessory: Lamp Products for Science Education

For use with Clean Energy Trainer (CET).

GSC International Water Turbine with Dynamo Electromagnet Products for Science Education

The water turbine is used to drive a dynamo which produces electricity generating up to 6V DC that can be used for various applications.

American Educational Products Comprehensive Solar Electricity Kit Products for Science Education

Expand your students' knowledge of solar measurements.

Low-Cost Solar Energy Project Kit Products for Science Education

Discover how to convert solar energy into electrical energy.

American Educational Products Sunpower House Products for Science Education

Teach the principles of passive solar heating.

Vernier High Torque Generator with Wires

Produces lower voltage but higher current for a given rotor speed.

Photon Solar Racer Kit Products for Science Education

Challenge your students to design and make their own solar-powered cars.

Lab-Aids™ Investigating Alternative Energy: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Products for Science Education

Six-activity module focuses on hydrogen fuel cell technology as one potential solution to energy concerns.

Vernier KidWind 12V/500mA Solar Panel Products for Science Education

For classroom experiments and basic applications that require more power.

Vernier KidWind Solar Thermal Exploration Kit Products for Science Education

To explore variables such as box color, light intensity, tube design, rate of water pumping, and amount of time to heat water.

American Educational Products Sunspot Solar Oven Products for Science Education

Harnesses the sun's heat for practical purposes.

Vernier KidWind 2V/400mA Solar Panel Products for Science Education

For classroom experiments and basic applications that require more power.

Do It Yourself Solar Energy Kit Products for Science Education

Ideal for classroom solar power demonstration.

PicoTurbine Solar Power Racer Eductaion Kit Products for Science Education

Construct a motorized DIY project using power from a solar cell.

Horizon Fuel Cell Energy Box

Explains fuel cell technology interaction with renewable energy sources.

Sundance Solar™ Sunbender Do-It-Yourself Solar LED Flashlight Kit Products for Science Education

Ideal for kids 10 and up to learn about solar energy with adult help.

Jumpstarters for Energy Technology Products for Science Education

Short daily warm-ups to help energize your students to connect with science!

Sundance™ Solar Sunbender Do-It-Yourself Solar LED Jar Light Kit-Soldering Products for Science Education

Helps build colorful LED light that automatically comes on at night and goes off at dawn.

Sundance Solar™ Solar Fire Starter Solar Lighter and Survival Tool Products for Science Education

Designed to focus the sun's radiant energy to a precise focal point that can reach hundreds of degrees.

Super Capacitor Science Kit

Converts human muscle power into electricity using hand-crank device.

EDUSTAK Junior Fuel Cell Stack Kit

To investigate power potential of hydrogen technology.

Sunbender Do-It-Yourself Solar Battery Charger Kit Products for Science Education

Ideal for teaching students about the energy source of the future and the present.

Wind Energy Science Kit

Miniature real-working wind turbine (wind power generator)