Atomic and Nuclear Physics Apparatus

3B Scientific™ Undoped Germanium on Printed Circuit Board Products for Science Education

The circuit board is intended for use with the Hall effect basic apparatus in order to measure the conductivity of undoped germanium as a function of temperature. 

3B Scientific™ N-Doped Germanium on Printed Circuit Board Products for Science Education

Interchangeable board with n-doped germanium crystals to investigate conductivity and Hall potential as function of temperature.

3B Scientific™ Teltron™ Critical Potentials Tube S with He-Filling Products for Science Education

Allows quantitative investigation of inelastic collisions of electrons with inert gas atoms.

3B Scientific™ Power Supply Unit for Franck-Hertz Experiment 115V Products for Science Education

Power supply unit for operating mercury filled and neon filled Franck-Hertz tube

3B Scientific™ Teltron™ Dual Beam Tube S Series Products for Science Education

Semi-evacuated electron tube filled with low-pressure helium and containing a tangential and axial electron gun.

3B Scientific™ Premium Heater for Franck-Hertz Experiment Products for Science Education

Demonstrates quantization of energy released by free electrons in collisions with mercury.

3B Scientific™ Teltron™ Maltese Cross Tube S Series Products for Science Education

Demonstrates linear propagation of electrons in absence of applied electromagnetic fields.

3B Scientific™ Teltron™ Thomson Tube S Series Products for Science Education

Determines electron charge-to-mass ratio and studies mean electron velocities.

3B Scientific™ Electron Diffraction Tube D Series Products for Science Education

Highly evacuated electron tube for demonstrating wave nature of electrons.

3B Scientific™ Teltron Electron Diffraction S Tube Products for Science Education

Highly evacuated tube for determining wavelength of electrons.

3B Scientific™ Teltron™ Tube Holder S Series Products for Science Education

Holds and mounts entire line of Teltron Student S Series and related accessories.

3B Scientific™ Teltron™ Electron Deflection Tube D Products for Science Education

Enables to visualize path of beam and study effect of electric and magnetic fields.

United Scientific Supplies Lorentz Force Demonstrator Products for Science Education

Compact apparatus with built-in power supply housed in metal case for easier beam visibility.

Millikan Apparatus Products for Science Education

Shows the discreteness of an electronic charge and measures the charge on an electron.

American Educational Products Nuclear Physics Made Easy Teacher's Guide Products for Science Education

The exotic world of modern nuclear physics—in plain English.

Large Geiger Tube Products for Science Education

Sensitive to any beta or gamma radiation.

Large Geiger Tube Cable Products for Science Education

Cable for Large Geiger Tube.

Geiger Counter, Plug-in Products for Science Education

A sensitive, plug-in Geiger Counter for radioactive demonstrations and experiments!

Science First™ Thermal Radiation Class Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrates heat absorption.

Science First™ Heat Absorption Comparator Products for Science Education

Compare heat absorption and radiation.

Science First™ Cloud Chamber Products for Science Education

Study the rate of alpha decay and range of alpha particles.

Basic Nuclear Lab Stations Products for Science Education

Fully integrated system is capable of performing many basic nuclear demonstrations.

Cs/Ba-137 Isotope Generator Products for Science Education

Ideal for radioactive decay experiments.

Cloud Chamber Needle Sources Products for Science Education

Designed specifically for use in cloud chambers.

Thermal Radiation Kit

Demonstrate the concept of heat absorption.