Pulley Sets Springs and Accessories

EISCO Pulley Bench Clamp Fitting Products for Science Education

Eisco bench clamp pulley with metal ball bearing carried on a two part aluminium frame is designed primarily for clamping to the edge of a bench, table etc. when used in classroom science experiments.

Eisco™ Pulley Demonstration Set for Students Products for Science Education

Simpler pulley set, with fewer components.

EISCO Plastic Pulley Collection Products for Science Education

A collection of pulleys used in classroom demonstrations.

EISCO Single and Tandem Pulleys Products for Science Education

Single pulley plus double and triple tandem pulleys in durable nickel/steel frames.

EISCO Advanced Pulley Demonstration Set Products for Science Education

Many possible configurations allow you to demonstrate a variety of concepts.

EISCO 5cm Pulley with Universal Clamp Products for Science Education

Aluminum pulley with universal frame.

Large Pulley with Universal Clamp Products for Science Education

Use on bench edge, flat surface or support rod.

Pendulum Clamp Products for Science Education

Adjust one pendulum without disturbing others.

Aluminum Spring Scales Products for Science Education

Extremely durable and designed for long-term use.

Push Pull Scales Products for Science Education

For measuring weights, masses and forces.

GSC International Pulley Table Clamp Products for Science Education

Ideal for composition of forces and inclined plane experiments.

GSC International Low Friction Aluminum Pulley Products for Science Education

Low friction aluminum pulley with 50mm wheel and cast metal frame.