Rock and Mineral Specimens and Collections

American Educational Products Investigating Minerals and Rocks Products for Science Education

Specimens of 93 of Earth's most common minerals and rocks.

American Educational Products Premium Geology Collections Products for Science Education

Superb specimens carefully selected to illustrate ideas about their formation

American Educational Products Standard Rock Collection Products for Science Education

Each set contains 15 representative specimens

American Educational Products Fossil Collections Products for Science Education

Fossils of some of the earliest life forms.

American Educational Products Streak Collection Products for Science Education

Demonstrates identifying properties.

American Educational Products Rocks and Minerals of U.S. Reference Products for Science Education

Excellent reference collections and a valuable aid in identifying and comparing common and rare rocks and minerals

American Educational Products A Closer Look at the Earth Products for Science Education

Take a closer look at the design of the Earth and compare weight, mass, and density of intrusive igneous rocks (peridotite, gabbro, and granite).

American Educational Products Bagged Specimen Collections Products for Science Education

Each set contains six representative specimens.

American Educational Products Rocks and Minerals of the U.S. Products for Science Education

Mounted collection emphasizes rocks and minerals found in the United States

American Educational Products Many Mini Minerals Products for Science Education

Designed for general identification of minerals.

American Educational Products Luster Collection Products for Science Education

Examples of both metallic and nonmetallic types of luster.

Cool Minerals Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Experience some unique physical and optical qualities of minerals.

American Educational Products Earth Science Collections Products for Science Education

Seventy-five number-coded rocks and minerals.