Vibration Demonstration Products

3B Scientific™ Spring Vibrations Accessories Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrate standing waves in a coil spring.

EISCO Super Slinky™ with Stand Products for Science Education

For better observation of wave behavior.

EISCO Helical Wave Form (Slinky™) Products for Science Education

Excellent demonstration of wave motion.

3B Scientific™ Vibration Generator Products for Science Education

Study oscillations and resonances.

Fisher Science Education Wave Form Helix Products for Science Education

With length of 1.8 meters.

3B Scientific™ Chladni Plates Products for Science Education

Demonstrate Chladni's acoustic figures with fine dry sand.

Wave Demonstrater Set Spiral Spring Products for Science Education

Included in Wave Demonstrater Set.

Wave Motion Demonstrator Products for Science Education

Demonstrate wave action in your classroom.

Lab-Aids™ Energy Transfer: Waves, Sound and Light Kit Products for Science Education

Students use water and springs to produce both longitudinal and transverse mechanical waves, then compare their similarities and differences.

American Educational Products Longitudinal Wave Demonstration Products for Science Education

Demonstrate resonant waves such as propagation, reflection, and interference.

GSC Wave Demonstration Kit

A welcome addition to any classroom. This Kit will help students visualize how waves propagation works. The GSC Wave Demonstration Kit comes with one long, narrow steel helical spring and, one larger helical spring that are matched to give nearly equal amplitudes of reflected and transmitted pulses and waves. A string and instructions are also included in the kit.

Wave Demonstrator Kit Products for Science Education

Cost-effective device demonstrates wave propagation

Spiral Spring Products for Science Education

Long spring demonstrates wave properties!

Science First™ Wave Lab Generator Products for Science Education

Generate sine and square waves simultaineously and compare them.