Botany Classroom Kits

Black Form Pots Products for Science Education

Consumable used with multiple projects and in science kits.

Hydroponic Nutrient Powder Products for Science Education

For use in the science classroom or plants kits.

Kemtec™ Plant Cloning Kit Products for Science Education

Reproduce entire plant systems from a section of a single plant.

Kemtec™ Photosynthesis I (Hill Reaction) Kit Products for Science Education

Use this kit to perform partial processes of photosynthesis in the laboratory.

Edvotek™ Introduction to Plant Cell Culture Products for Science Education

Great introduction to plant cell culture.

Edvotek™ AP LAB 11: Transpiration Products for Science Education

The principles of diffusion and osmosis are applied to the movement of water within plants.

Edvotek™ What is Osmosis? Products for Science Education

Introduction to the principles of osmosis.

Diversified Woodcrafts™ Hydroponics Growing System Products for Science Education

Self–contained ebb and flow hydroponics center with grow lights and water pump.

Edvotek™ AP LAB 5: Photosynthesis Products for Science Education

Key reagents are included to demonstrate photosynthesis.

Kemtec™ Photosynthesis II (Synthesis of Starch) Kit Products for Science Education

Examine phosphorylation of glucose to produce starch in plant cells.

Edvotek™ Isolation of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria Products for Science Education

Learn to isolate two plant organelles, mitochondria and chloroplasts.

Kemtec™ Separation of Plant Pigments Using Gel Filtration Kit Products for Science Education

Students learn how to separate pigments in plants.

Plant Macronutrient Kit Products for Science Education

Perform colorimetric tests for various factors in plant tissue liquid extracts.

LaMotte™ Plant Nutrition Chemical Package Products for Science Education

A study of plant nutrition the whole class will enjoy.

LaMotte™ pH Soil Test Kit Products for Science Education

pH affects all mineral elements and the biological processes made available to plants from the soil.

Plant Micronutrient Kit Products for Science Education

Hands-on learning.

Garden Guide Kit Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Convenient kit for classroom soil testing and garden analysis.

A Study of Soil Science Products for Science Education

An introduction to important aspects of soil science.

Butterfly Flowers Garden Set and Feeder Products for Science Education

Invite “flying flowers” into your garden!

American Educational Products Seed Germination Classroom Kit Products for Science Education

Fascinate student of all ages with this hands-on individual germination experiment.

American Educational Products Seed Germination Kit Products for Science Education

Students acquire knowledge of seed germination through experimentation.

Lab-Aids™ Simulating Threshold Effects of Soil pH on Hydrangea Plants Products for Science Education

Students model how hydrangea plants are affected by soil pH.

EarthBox™ Garden Stand Products for Science Education

Make EarthBox more visible and more accessible to students.

Hydroponics Lab Products for Science Education

Get a 360° view of growing plants from the roots up.

EarthBox™ Replant Kit Products for Science Education

All it takes to keep EarthBox going.

Plant Life Cycle Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Fascinating, hands-on exploration of plant germination and growth.

Lab-Aids™ Variation: The Normal Distribution of the Characteristics of a Species Products for Science Education

An excellent activity for introducing statistics in science.

What Seed Is It? Products for Science Education

True hands-on learning.

Observing the Growth of Mutant Corn Seeds Products for Science Education

Investigate the effects of mutation on plant growth.