Chemistry Classroom Kits

Kemtec™ AP Chemistry Kits: Determining the Equilibrium Constant (and Temperature's Effect) with Beer's Law Products for Science Education

Loaded with important concepts and techniques for the AP chemistry student; determine the equilibrium constant using Le Chatelier's principle and Beer's Law (using spectrophotometry) to determine equilibrium concentrations of reactants and products.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Micro-scale Electrochemical Cells ? Voltaic and Electrolytic Products for Science Education

Analyze oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions and become familiar with the activity series of metals and its importance in predicting the products of replacement reactions.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: AP Chemistry Series Kits (16 Kits) Products for Science Education

Order all 16 Kemtec AP Chemistry Kits at once.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Synthesis and Gravimetric Analysis of Cobalt Oxalate Hydrate Products for Science Education

Students will enjoy this lab as they experience multiple techniques required for AP chemistry; synthesizing cobalt oxalate hydrate by precipitation, gravimetric analysis by dehydration, and oxidation-reduction (redox) titration on a unique compound.

Edvotek™ Principles of Thin Layer Chromatography Educational Kit Products for Science Education

The experiment introduces chromatographic theory and methods of thin layer chromatography. Edvotek™ Principles of Thin Layer Chromatography Educational Kit is used for 8 separations.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Acid-Base Titrations: An Inquiry Investigation Products for Science Education

Students standardize a sodium hydroxide titrant with a primary standard, KHP; then find the concentration of an unknown acid solution.

EISCO Distillation Kit Products for Science Education

Visualize temperature curves and plateaus for a better understanding of heating and phase change.

EISCO Acid Base Neutralization Kit Products for Science Education

Watch the chemical reaction that forms salts and water.

EISCO Diffusion Kit Products for Science Education

Discover diffusion as particles spread through random motion from regions of higher concentration to regions of lower concentration.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Le Chatelier's Principle Featuring Ag+ reaction! Products for Science Education

Students create and analyze four different equilibrium systems, allowing manipulation of a variety of stresses to show how systems respond by shifting in the direction that reduces stress.

Kemtec™ Chemistry Kit: Ionic Interaction Products for Science Education

Introduce junior high and high school students to writing ionic formulas and ionic interaction equations.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Reaction Rate and Order Products for Science Education

Using this superior reagent system, students are able to generate highly reproducible results from an iodine clock reaction.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Statistics: Precision & Accuracy Products for Science Education

Use a variety of basic volumetric measuring techniques to distinguish between precision and accuracy, while identifying an unknown liquid by its density.

Kemtec™ Hand Lotion Evaluation Kit Products for Science Education

Independent scientific studies allows students to determine best hand lotion for price.

EISCO Chemical Activation of an Electric Motor Kit Products for Science Education

Dip electrodes into an acidic solution and watch how chemical energy can be converted into electricity to power a fan.

EISCO Gas Law Device Kit Products for Science Education

Investigate the dependence of pressure on a gas with changes in temperature and volume.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Stoichiometry: Reactions with Copper Compounds Products for Science Education

Perform four quantitatively different reactions utilizing copper compounds.

EISCO Electrochemistry Kit Products for Science Education

Learn about electrode potentials by measuring cell voltage.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits:Identifying Weak Acids by pKa Products for Science Education

Students perform titrations on weak acids while measuring pH, perform qualitative analysis by determining pKa values of acids, perform quantitative analysis by calculating molar masses, confirm the identities of weak acids, and derive and use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Spectrophotometric Analysis of Copper: Beer's Law Products for Science Education

Explore the interaction of light with copper ions in solution using photons from the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

3B Scientific™ Steel Cylindrical Bar Products for Science Education

Pair of rods with 70mm length and 8mm diameter.

Kemtec™ Matters for Minors Kit Products for Science Education

An introduction to observation and investigation using discovery.

Kemtec™ Aspirin and Antacid Evaluation Kit Products for Science Education

Two commonly used drugs, aspirin and antacids, are analyzed quantitatively using titration methods.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Determining Molar Enthalpy Using Hess's Law Products for Science Education

This calorimetry lab uses reliable reactions as students measure temperature changes, determine the calorimeter constant and ultimately calculate the molar enthalpy of formation for magnesium oxide using Hess's Law.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Determining Molar Mass Using the Ideal Gas Equation Products for Science Education

This unique hands-on method of exploring gases allows students to compare properties of real and ideal gases (based on KMT assumptions) as they determine the molar mass of a volatile solvent.

Kemtec™ Intro to Kinetics I Kit Products for Science Education

To explore effects of concentration, temperature, surface area and catalysts on rates of chemical reactions.

Kemtec™ Chemistry Kit: Characteristics of Matter Products for Science Education

Explore various physical and chemical properties of matter.

EISCO NeuLog Distillation Kit Products for Science Education

Used to investigate distillation through measurements of both pure water and a mixture of water and alcohol or acetone. EISCO NeuLog Distillation Kit allows student to understand the concepts of distillation.