Conductivity Chemistry Kits

Eisco™ Student Cell and Porous Cup Set Products for Science Education

Ideal for demonstrating the characteristics of primary cells.

Kemtec™ Common Indicators Kit Products for Science Education

Younger students can visually determine nature of acid-base chemisty.

Mini Electrolysis Device Products for Science Education

A unique design helps correct issues such as falling test tubes perched over unsteady electrodes and gases escaping due to poor alignment.

Elementary Simple Cell Kit Products for Science Education

This kit allows students to explore the electrical properties of different combinations of electrode materials using safe, everyday chemicals such as soda, vinegar and fruit juice as electrolytes.

Lab-Aids™ Flame Tests and Emission Spectroscopy Kit Products for Science Education

The entire concept of spectrum analysis introduced in one kit.

International Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus Products for Science Education

Demonstrates qualitative and quantitative measurement of electrical current's effect on liquids.

GSC International Thermal Conductivity Demonstration Tool Products for Science Education

Quickly and easily compare the thermal conductivity of different metals. The GSC International Thermal Conductivity Demonstration Tool has temperature indicators marked at 1cm intervals to chart the temperature movement.

Lab-Aids™ pH Measurement/Indicators, No. 81R Products for Science Education

Studying acids' and bases' effect on indicator dyes.

Conductivity of Solutions Experiment Kit Lab-Aids™, No. 314 Products for Science Education

Students discover dramatic results that lead to a better understanding of the principles of ionization.

GSC Electrolysis Kit with Telescoping Tubes and Support Products for Science Education

Designed for student experiments in electrolysis.

Lab-Aids™ Blinking LED Conductivity Indicator Products for Science Education

Hands-on testing for electrical properties of liquids and solids.

Student Cell Kits Products for Science Education

Build a voltaic, storage, coulometer, dry or Daniel cell.

Lab-Aids™ Properties of Acids and Bases Products for Science Education

A thorough introduction to acids and bases.

Understanding pH Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Discover the crucial role pH plays in the balance of life.