Consumer Chemistry Kits

Kemtec™ Shampoo Evaluation Kit Products for Science Education

Students examine different brands of shampoo and choose between products based on their own scientific and economic evaluations.

Kemtec™ Hand Lotion Evaluation Kit Products for Science Education

Independent scientific studies allows students to determine best hand lotion for price.

Kemtec™ Aspirin and Antacid Evaluation Kit Products for Science Education

Two commonly used drugs, aspirin and antacids, are analyzed quantitatively using titration methods.

Kemtec™ Toothpaste Evaluation Kit Products for Science Education

Study physical and chemical composition of toothpaste.

Acids, Bases and the pH Scale Products for Science Education

Learn about the properties of acids and bases, the role of hydrogen and hydroxide ions and the nature of the pH scale.

Lab-Aids™Cheese-Making Kit Products for Science Education

Make cheese using enzymatic process.

Organic Chemistry: Chemical Identification of Biomolecules Products for Science Education

Understand the importance of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids in living organisms.

Lab-Aids™ Household Chemicals: Better by Design (Developed by SEPUP) Products for Science Education

Students explore their knowledge and attitudes about chemicals and chemical use. Lab-Aids™ Household Chemicals: Better by Design (Developed by SEPUP) allows for assessment of students in a variety of ways that measure their ability to design and conduct independent investigations.

Shampoo Chemistry Lab Products for Science Education

Learn about an everyday chemical solution — shampoo.

Lab-Aids™ Antacid Study Kit Products for Science Education

Use over-the-counter antacids to determine how much acid can be neutralized by a particular brand.

A Closer Look at Soaps and Detergents Lab Products for Science Education

Experiment with commonly used cleansers.

A Closer Look at Toothpastes Lab Products for Science Education

Look at this everyday product from a new angle.

Lab-Aids™ My Sweet Tooth Investi-Kit Products for Science Education

How do we balance the health risks of excess weight gain vs. the risks of chemical low-calorie sugar substitutes?

How Effective is an Antacid? Lab Products for Science Education

Answer this burning question: Which antacid works best?

A Closer Look at Aspirin Lab Products for Science Education

Study the world's most common over-the-counter medication.

Innovating Science™ Soaps and Detergents Products for Science Education

Examine similarities and differences in soaps and detergents.

Properties of Toothpaste Products for Science Education

Investigate several properties of toothpaste samples.

Science in the Kitchen Products for Science Education

Incorporates a variety of scientific techniques, all themed around common kitchen materials.

Innovating Science™ Properties of Shampoo Products for Science Education

Tests several properties of different shampoos.