Demonstration Chemistry Kits

Chemiluminescence Chemical Reaction Kit Products for Science Education

Explain and view chemiluminescence.

Nylon Rope Trick Products for Science Education

Demonstrate polymerization at a liquid-liquid interface.

Innovating Science™ Autocatalysis Chemical Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrates autocatalytic reactions, one or more products of a chemical reaction function as a catalyst.

Blue Bottle Reaction Products for Science Education

Visually demonstrate the process of oxidation.

Polyurethane Foam Chemical Kit Products for Science Education

Excellent demonstration of thermoplastic polymers.

EISCO Molecular Model Set Products for Science Education

Introductory kit.

EISCO Starter Molecular Model Set Products for Science Education

Basic inorganic and organic chemistry model set for students.

EISCO Leslie's Cube, 13cm Sides, Tin Products for Science Education

Tin plate box with 130mm sides, used to compare relative radiant heat output from each of the four faces.

EISCO Bursting Bottle Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the anomalous expansion of water on freezing. EISCO Bursting Bottle are constructed from cast iron.

Atoms, Electrons and Energy Kit Products for Science Education

To identify and explain periodic trends, including atomic and ionic radii, electronegativity, and ionization energy.

Innovating Science™ War of the Acids Chemistry Demonstration Kit Products for Science Education

Designed to visualize the differences between strong and weak acids

Density of Liquids: The Color Column Products for Science Education

Witness a colorful density gradient.

Disappearing Rainbow Products for Science Education

Use acids and bases with three indicators to create a rainbow of colors.

Endothermic Reacions Products for Science Education

Study the process of endothermic reactions.

GSC International Organic Chemistry Kit Products for Science Education

Borosilicate glass kit with 19/22 Joints.

Instant Light Powder Chemiluminescence Demo Kit Products for Science Education

Designed to help students understand the topics of chemiluminescence and kinetics.

Demonstration Kit: Chemical Battery Products for Science Education

Construct a simple wet-cell battery.

Lab-Aids™ Chemiluminescence Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Conduct a series of simple, safe and dramatic activities that produce light energy or chemiluminescence.

Innovating Science™ Up in Vapor! Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Demo Kit Products for Science Education

Shows decomposition of chemical hydrogen peroxide using sodium iodide.