Demonstration Chemistry Kits

Blue Bottle Reaction Products for Science Education

Visually demonstrate the process of oxidation.

Chemiluminescence Chemical Reaction Kit Products for Science Education

Explain and view chemiluminescence.

Innovating Science™ Autocatalysis Chemical Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrates autocatalytic reactions, one or more products of a chemical reaction function as a catalyst.

Polyurethane Foam Chemical Kit Products for Science Education

Excellent demonstration of thermoplastic polymers.

Nylon Rope Trick Products for Science Education

Demonstrate polymerization at a liquid-liquid interface.

EISCO Starter Molecular Model Set Products for Science Education

Basic inorganic and organic chemistry model set for students.

EISCO Molecular Model Set Products for Science Education

Introductory kit.

EISCO Bursting Bottle Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the anomalous expansion of water on freezing. EISCO Bursting Bottle are constructed from cast iron.

Endothermic Reacions Products for Science Education

Study the process of endothermic reactions.

Chemistry Magic Demonstration Products for Science Education

Wonderful introduction to the chemistry behind oxidation and reduction reactions.

Clock Reaction Demonstration Products for Science Education

Safely display the role of temperature and concentration in reactions.

Density of Liquids: The Color Column Products for Science Education

Witness a colorful density gradient.

A Closer Look at Polymers Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Make and compare Slime and Flexi-Putty.

Instant Light Powder Chemiluminescence Demo Kit Products for Science Education

Designed to help students understand the topics of chemiluminescence and kinetics.

Innovating Science™ Up in Vapor! Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Demo Kit Products for Science Education

Shows decomposition of chemical hydrogen peroxide using sodium iodide.

GSC International Organic Chemistry Kit Products for Science Education

Borosilicate glass kit with 19/22 Joints.

Innovating Science™ Bioluminescence Chemistry Demo Kit Products for Science Education

Study the concept of bioluminescence using real firefly extract.

Oscillating Reactions: Yellow to Blue and Back Products for Science Education

See the colors change before your eyes.

Disappearing Rainbow Products for Science Education

Use acids and bases with three indicators to create a rainbow of colors.

Science First™ Atom Snap'Em Advanced Organic Sets Products for Science Education

These kits are essential for demonstrating the structure of different organic and inorganic compounds.