Chromatography Classroom Kits

Innovating Science™ AP Chemistry Kits: Liquid Column Chromatography Products for Science Education

Separates different components of a mixture with chromatography.

Economy Thin Layer Chromatography Kit Products for Science Education

Learn how TLC is used to separate out compounds.

Edvotek™ Ion-Exchange Chromatography Products for Science Education

Learn the principles of ion-exchange chromatography.

Edvotek™ Separation of RNA and DNA by Gel Filtration Chromatography Products for Science Education

Purified fractions of DNA and RNA are analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis.

Kemtec™ AP™ Chemistry Kits: Separating Substances by Absorption Chromatography Products for Science Education

Students learn the fundamentals of paper and thin-layer chromatography (TLC) as they answer the inquiry question, “What colors my food?”

Edvotek™ Affinity Chromatography of Glucose-Binding Proteins Products for Science Education

Isolate a carbohydrate-binding lectin protein from an extract of jack bean meal.

United Scientific Supplies Ink Chromatography and Forensics STEM Kit Products for Science Education

Introduces students to ink chromatography and its application in solving forensics cases.

United Scientific Supplies Chromatography Strips Products for Science Education

Used in chromatography studies. United Scientific Supplies Chromatography Strips are 15 x 2cm in size.

Thin Layer Chromatography Kit Products for Science Education

See that commercial food colors contain more than meet the eye.

American Educational Products Thin-Layer Chromatography Kit: Plant Pigments Products for Science Education

Illustrate chromatography efficiently with thin-layer sheets.

American Educational Products Thin Layer Chromatography Kit: Analysis of Amino Acids Products for Science Education

A must for teaching thin-layer analysis of amino acids.

Chromosome Simulation Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Model each phase of mitosis and meosis

Lab-Aids™ Thin-Layer Chromatography Kit Products for Science Education

Lab techniques involve silica-gel-coated plastic slides, indicators, developers and chromatography chambers.

Paper Chromatography Kit Products for Science Education

Investigate the oldest documented technique used to separate chemical substances.

Introduction to Chromatography Lab Products for Science Education

Separate plant pigments and dye samples to learn about chromatography in clinical, forensic and analytical laboratories.