Educational Puzzles and Games

Edvotek™ AP LAB 2: Mathematical Modeling: Hardy-Weinberg Products for Science Education

Demonstrates effect of mutations, genetic drift and natural selection on gene frequency in population.

EISCO Globe - Writable Products for Science Education

Teaching tool that allows students to make and erase notes and markings as they learn about their planet. EISCO Globe - Writable is ideal for any home or classroom setting.

3B Scientific™ Cartesian Diver Products for Science Education

For demonstrating a body floating, sinking or rising in water.

Edvotek™ Molecular Biology Toys and Games Products for Science Education

These two games cover up to 10 lab groups.

magiClass™ Remote Clickers Products for Science Education

Simpler, faster, smarter response and voting system.

LaMotte™ Insect Identification Flashcards Products for Science Education

Discover the world of the macroinvertebrate.

OHAUS™ Measurement Skills Assessment Review Kit Products for Science Education

Perfect for teaching and reviewing measurement concepts in various subjects and preparing students for upcoming assessments.

American Educational Products Brain Race Game Products for Science Education

A great introduction to studies about the nervous system.

American Educational Products Antigen Alley Game Products for Science Education

Introduces players to the world of immunity, germs and antibodies.

NewPath Learning™ Mastering Social Studies Skills Class-Pack Editions Products for Science Education

Comprehensive teacher planning and resource guide.

American Educational Products Human Anatomy Clever Catch™ Products for Science Education

Practice knowledge of human anatomy through play.

NewPath Learning™ Mastering Social Studies Skills Take Home Editions Products for Science Education

Excellent Means of Stimulating Parental Involvement.

American Educational Products Match™ Tiles: Basic Arithmetic Products for Science Education

Mix sets or use separately to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

NewPath Learning™ Curriculum Mastery™ Game: Mathematics Products for Science Education

Class-pack or take-home editions available for Grades 1 to 8.

Learning Resources™ Write & Wipe Fact Family Boards Products for Science Education

Use these math-fact triangles again and again.

NewPath™ Learning Rock Bingo! Game Products for Science Education

Play and learn all about rocks and their properties.

NewPath™ Learning Rock Cycle Bingo! Game Products for Science Education

An engaging and effective addition to your earth science curriculum.

7-Color Dual Stamp Pad Products for Science Education

Multi-color stamp pad ideal for multiple classroom uses.

New Path™ Learning Curriculum Mastery™ Games Products for Science Education

Innovative, game-based learning system was developed by teachers and classroom-tested.

American Educational Products Game Set: Rainforest Run Products for Science Education

An exciting, fast-paced adventure through life in a rain forest.

NewPath Learning™ Curriculum Mastery™ Flip Charts: Math Products for Science Education

Presents comprehensive review of science standards.

American Educational Products Get on Board the Bingo Bus™! Math Games Products for Science Education

Transformation of well-loved game of BINGO into fun topics for Math.