Standard Environmental Classroom Kits

Kemtec™ Amazing Waves Kit Products for Science Education

Seven activities take students through examination and observation of waves, wave properties and influence of waves on coastline.

Kemtec™ Resources of the Living Ocean Products for Science Education

Designed to show importance of fish and algae as living resources of ocean.

Hydroelectric Energy Training Kit Products for Science Education

Study the production of electricity resulting from a waterfall.

Kemtec™ Reef Restaurant Kit Products for Science Education

Study effects of certain environmental conditions on coral reef and associated food webs.

Kemtec™ Physical and Chemical Resources of the Living Ocean Products for Science Education

Helps to learn why salt is one of our most valuable chemical resources.

Edvotek™ Water Quality Testing I: Chromogenic Analysis of Water Bacteria Contaminants Products for Science Education

Students will test for coliforms in simulated contaminated water, and can test water samples from the environment.

Kemtec™ Ocean Trash Can Kit Products for Science Education

Study effects of pollution on ocean, its inhabitants and surrounding coastline

Kemtec™ Ocean Science Kit Products for Science Education

Examine physical and chemical properties of seawater and learn how these properties affect ocean currents and environments.

Edvotek™ How Clean Is the Water We Drink and the Air We Breathe? Products for Science Education

Learn about microbes present in our everyday environment.

EISCO Solar Cell Kit Products for Science Education

Photovoltaic cells, of which a solar cell is an example, generate electricity from the irradiation of light.

LaMotte™ Combination Kit for Quantitative Water Pollution Studies Products for Science Education

Measures 11 water constituents and assesses water purity.

Geology Field Trip in a Bag Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Models a geology field trip without leaving the classroom.

NewPath Learning™ What is Weather? Multimedia Lesson Products for Science Education

Measuring weather conditions for grades 3 to 5.

Rocks and Minerals in Industry Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Understand how natural resources are mined and processed.

American Educational Products Thunderstorms: Nature's Fury DVD Products for Science Education

Explores how meteorologists use sophisticated forecast tools to track major storms.

American Educational Products Videolab™ Introducing Earth Science DVD Products for Science Education

An overview of the study of Earth Science using live action footage and graphic animation.

LaMotte™ Classroom Soil Studies Products for Science Education

Study the basics of soil pH and the nutrients nitrate, phosphate and potassium.

How Minerals Get Their Color Products for Science Education

Explore the mineral spectrum.

Measuring Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Determine astronomical distances such as the Earth's radius.

Lab-Aids™ Fresh Water Test Kits Products for Science Education

See why it is sometimes necessary to hold back the forces of nitrogen.

American Educational Products Videolab™ Earthquakes: Understanding Hazards DVD Products for Science Education

Illustrates one of the most destructive forces of nature using exciting on-location footage.

Acid Rain Study Outfit Products for Science Education Available on GSA/VA Contract for Federal Government customers only.

Tools for testing the acidity of rain.

American Educational Products Acid Rain Videolab™ Products for Science Education

Investigate trends and effects of acid rain on plants and soils.

American Educational Products Videolab™ The Rock Cycle DVD Products for Science Education

Learn about the rock cycle with spectacular examples of erosion, deposition, metamorphism and volcanism.

American Educational Products Air Pollution Kit Products for Science Education

Shows how air pollution can affect plant life.

Porosity of Soils Products for Science Education

Kit shows the relationship between particle size, shape and uniformity.

American Educational Products Weather Forecasting Videolab Products for Science Education

Understand basic weather concepts and processes in our atmosphere.

Household Uses of Rocks and Minerals Products for Science Education

Hands-on experiments explore various properties of rocks and minerals for everyday uses.