Food Science and Biochemistry Classroom Kits

Indophenol Powder for Science Kits Products for Science Education

Consumable used with multiple projects or in science kits.

Kemtec™ Enzyme Specificity and Inhibition Kit Products for Science Education

Complex topics of enzyme substrate specificity and enzyme inhibition are investigated using enzymes invertase and amylase.

Kemtec™ Qualitative Analysis of Proteins and Amino Acids Kit Products for Science Education

Illustrates principles of protein and amino acid analysis.

Kemtec™ Qualitative Analysis of Carbohydrates Kit Products for Science Education

Teaches how to characterize carbohydrates, starches and sugars.

Kemtec™ Dietary Chemical Assessment Kit Products for Science Education

Helps students to identify and correct any dietary imbalances that occur and restructure their food intake.

Kemtec™ Advanced Enzymology Kit Products for Science Education

Introduces students to wide variety of enzyme kinetics and provides complete mini course in Enzymology.

Kemtec™ Physical Properties of Proteins Kit Products for Science Education

Students learn how physical parameters influence proteins.

Kemtec™ Properties of Lipids Kit Products for Science Education

Kit helps students explore essential nature of lipids.

AquaPhoenix Food Dehydrator Products for Science Education

With four speckled trays

EISCO Food Calorimeter  Products for Science Education

Allows students to determine the amount of energy released through the burning of food. EISCO Food Clirometer is an easy method involves the measuring of the change in temperature of a sample of water from the combustion of a small amount of food.

Food Chemistry and Nutrition Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Understand the chemical basis of food.

Aldon Food Color Set Products for Science Education

Set of seven bottles each containing 50mL of the respective color.

Lab-Aids™ Molecules of Life Kit Products for Science Education

Eight great model-building activities.

American Educational Products Enzymatic Hydrolysis Kit Products for Science Education

Shows the effects of amylase in changing starch to dextrins.

Innovating Science Testing Food For Nutrients Products for Science Education

Helps students to understand the importance of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids in living organisms.

Lab-Aids™ Enzymes as Catalysts for Starch Digesti Products for Science Education

The basic concept behind this engaging kit is that all living organisms must alter nutrients in order to make them usable.

Lab-Aids™ Food Analysis, Limited Shelf Life Products for Science Education

Students quickly and easily identify the major nutrients in foods. Lab-Aids™ Food Analysis (Limted Shelf Life) uses simple and safe chemical tests in a classroom analysis of common foods.

Pretend and Play™ Healthy Food Sets Products for Science Education

Encourage healthy choices with this realistic-looking set of nutritious foods,

American Educational Products How Poisons Work Investigation Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the effects of poisons on enzymes and healthy cell life.

Lab-Aids™ Food Nutrient Analysis Kit Products for Science Education

Test and identify food nutrients.

Lab-Aids™ A Study of Enzymes in Seeds Kit Products for Science Education

Students gain a complete understanding of the process of starch digestion by plant enzymes. Lab-Aids™ A Study of Enzymes in Seeds is an individualized lab activity utilizing soaked seeds.

American Educational Products Digesto-Rama Products for Science Education

What happens to my food after I eat it?

Lab-Aids™ Molecules of Metabolism Kit: Understanding Digestion and Respiration Products for Science Education

3-D approach to the study of glycolysis and the Krebs Cycle.

The Peanut Allergy Kit Products for Science Education

Learn how to test for peanut allergens in food

Foods as Science Tools Kit Products for Science Education

Study scientifc concepts with foods

How Safe Is the Food We Eat Kit Products for Science Education

Explore the routes of food contamination through handling by numerous invididuals