Forensic Methods Classroom Kits

Kemtec™: Art Forgery Products for Science Education

Introduce students to practical applications of scientific observation and reasoning.

Kemtec™ Forensics Kit: Fabrics and Fiber Products for Science Education

Examine various types of fabric and fiber evidence and observe the various types of characteristics that are exhibited.

Kemtec™: Odontology - One Bite Out of Crime Products for Science Education

Learn to identify an individual through dental records.

Kemtec™ Forensic Impressions Kit Products for Science Education

Let students become CSI detectives to identify, preserve and evaluate trace evidences at a crime scene.

Kemtec™: Crime Scene Products for Science Education

Students gather physical evidence to make factual interpretations of the scene.

Kemtec™: Robbery at Anytown Mall Products for Science Education

Students solve the case of a robbery of a designer linen suit as a CSI would.

Kemtec™ Forensics Kit: Analysis of Drugs and Poisons Products for Science Education

Learn to identify some common over-the-counter drugs

Kemtec™ Forensic Blood Spatter Kit Products for Science Education

Examines how blood spatter plays a role in crime scene investigation.

Edvotek™ Forensics Antigen Detection Kit Products for Science Education

Can a deceased cat assist a murder investigation?

The Case of the Kidnapped Cookies Lab Activity Kit Products for Science Education

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Edvotek™ Forensic Enzymology Kit Products for Science Education

Can enzymes be used as evidence?

Kemtec™ Forensics Kit: Analysis of Minerals and Soils Products for Science Education

Student detectives analyze minerals and soils.

Kemtec™: Analysis of Fingerprints Products for Science Education

Encourages students to learn and experiment with dusting and developing latent prints.

The Case of the Lost Skull Forensic Unit Products for Science Education

An introductory forensic unit that will show students how to address the question of who put the mysterious animal skull outside the school.

Edvotek™ Forensics Enhancement Techniques Products for Science Education

Employ methods to view blood that cannot normally be seen.

Edvotek™ Blood Typing Kit Products for Science Education

What forensics information does blood typing provide?

Kemtec™: Analysis of Documents Products for Science Education

Uses both physical and chemical analysis of paper, ink, pencil and typing.

Kemtec™ Forensics Kit: Introduction to Toxicology Products for Science Education

Demonstrate techniques used to screen for drug use.

The Case of the Contaminated Creek Activity Kit Products for Science Education

This case may be cold, but the evidence will warm the waters and wash away doubt about who is guilty.

Kemtec™ Master Forensics Kit Products for Science Education

Combine physics, chemistry and biology knowledge using forensics.

Kemtec™ Hair Analysis Products for Science Education

Study the morphology of hair samples from various species.

United Scientific Supplies Protein Synthesis Manipulative Kit Products for Science Education

Teach protein synthesis with hands-on manipulatives.

Fingerprinting: A Forensic Puzzle Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Apply the scientific method using actual FBI techniques.

Innovating Science™ Forensics of Soil and Mineral Analysis Products for Science Education

Designed to introduce students to the field of forensic soil analysis.

Forensic Anthropology: Talking Bones Products for Science Education

Students work as forensic anthropologists within a lab to help solve a “cold” case.

Understanding Blood Type Interactions Through Simulated Blood Typing Kit Products for Science Education

Use for deeper understanding of the importance of antigen/antibody interactions.

Forensic Science Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

A multitude of comprehensive forensic investigations.

Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Kit Products for Science Education

Classify blood based on the presence or absence of erythrocytes on the surface of red blood cells.

Recycling Paper Products for Science Education

Challenge students to learn how paper is made by recycling it themselves.