Heat Testing Classroom Products

Linear Expansion Apparatus Products for Science Education

Easy-to-use device shows the effect of volume on pressure.

3B Scientific™ Student Heat Experiments Set Products for Science Education

Set of apparatus for carrying out 10 basic student experiments on heat

EISCO Conductometer Products for Science Education

For demonstration of relative thermal conductivity of brass, copper, aluminum, iron, zinc and stainless-steel.

American Educational Products Touch Paper Products for Science Education

Sheets of chemically treated white colored paper are suitable for use in igniting certain combustible materials.

American Educational Products Steam Generator Products for Science Education

A useful accessory for many experiments involving thermal energy such as the Linear Expansion Apparatus!

American Educational Products Convection of Gas Apparatus Products for Science Education

For study of convection currents in air.

GSC International Convection of Gases Apparatus Products for Science Education

Demonstrates how convection currents work. The GSC International Convection of Gases Apparatus provides a compact, effective visual demonstration for students in classroom settings. Included instructions ensure easy operation and lesson success.

GSC International Five Metal Heat Conductometer Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the different conductive properties of various metals. The GSC International Five Metal Heat Conductometer contains one spoke each of aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and nickel extending from a central hub. This tool is perfect for classroom demonstrations of heat conduction principles.

Science First™ Steam Generator Products for Science Education

Safe, reliable steam source for heat experiments.

American Educational Products Heat Conductometer Products for Science Education

Study the different rates of heat conduction in five metals.

American Educational Products Radiometer Products for Science Education

Use for experiments in light intensity.