Microbiology Classroom Kits

Fisher Science Education™ Bacteria Culture Kit Products for Science Education

Complete kit is ideal for middle and high school students.

Transformation of E. coli with Green and Blue Fluorescent Protein Plasmids Classroom Kit Products for Science Education

Helps students develop an understanding of bacterial transformation by plasmid DNA

Edvotek™ Identification of Bacterial Protein Profiles Products for Science Education

Compare total protein extracts from several bacterial sources.

Kemtec™ Osmosis and Diffusion Kit Products for Science Education

Introduction to the relationship between solute and solvent, an interaction that is important to both plant and animal life.

Kemtec™ Coliform Test Kit Products for Science Education

A dramatic way to demonstrate the presence of coliforms in water samples to students with a limited laboratory background.

Aldon™ Innovating Science™ LyoQuick Freeze Dried Bacteria Cultures Products for Science Education

Easy to use lyophillized bacterial cultures for use in classroom for educational purposes. Innovating Science™ LyoQuick Freeze Dried Bacteria Cultures, eliminates several steps required for rehydration of freeze-dried cultures, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

Sartorius™ School Microbiology Kit

Ideal teaching aid for instruction in microbiology and environmental protection in schools and other educational institutions

Aldon™ Innovating Science™ Freeze Dried Bacteria Cultures Products for Science Education

Cultures made for use in classroom for educational purposes.

Lab-Aids™ Bacteria Study Kit Products for Science Education

Introduce students to the Gram stain method and Leeuwenhoek experiments.

Carbon Dioxide Production and Yeast Lab Products for Science Education

Investigate one of biotechnology's earliest applications.

Battling Germs with Disinfectants Lab Products for Science Education

Safely learn how to stop the spread of bacteria.

Examining Bacteria Through Infusion Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Recreate the classic experiments of Anton van Leeuwenhoek, the famed Dutch discoverer of bacteria.

Gram Staining of Bacteria Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

A hands-on lesson in bacteria morphology.

Microbe Scavenger Hunt Products for Science Education

Explore the microworld in your environment.

American Educational Products Introduction to Microbiology Kit Products for Science Education

Complete an introductory study of microbiology in five class periods.

Innovating Science™ Microbiology Science Fair Kit Products for Science Education

Enables students to grow their own bacteria by swabbing various surfaces in the classroom.

How Viruses Travel Lab Investigation Products for Science Education

Simulate the spread of disease using a safe, simulated disease agent.

Innovating Science™ Freeze Dried E. Coli JM101 Bacteria Culture Products for Science Education

Freeze dried into a lyophilized pellet packaged in a sterile plastic vial.

Student Bacteria Experiment Kit Products for Science Education

Allows groups of students to culture their own bacteria without an incubator.

Antibiotic Effects Kit Products for Science Education

Show the antibiotic inhibition of microorganisms with this kit.

The Young Scientists Club™ Kit 10: Bacteria and Fungi Products for Science Education

Students grow bacteria and fungi of all colors and textures in Petri dishes.

How Clean is Our Home Kit Products for Science Education

Grow bacteria nutrient agar from various household objects