Heat Classroom Kits

Specific Heat Cylinders, Set of Six Products for Science Education

Same mass, but different specific heats.

EISCO Thermostat Model Products for Science Education

For demonstration of operation of thermostat.

EISCO Bimetallic Strip Demonstration Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the principles of thermal expansion in metals. EISCO Bimetallic Strip Demonstration allows students to understand how bimetallic strips are applied practically in things such as thermometers, thermostats and heating coils.

EISCO NeuLog Heat Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrate thermal conductivity. EISCO NeuLog Heat Kit allows students to investigate and understand thermal conductivity with different conductors.

EISCO Heat Transfer Kit Products for Science Education

Demonstrate and learn about thermal energy and heat transfer. EISCO Heat Transfer Kit introduce students to the concepts of thermal energy and heat transfer in a visually and kinesthetically effective manner.

3B Scientific™ Heat Pump D Products for Science Education

Demonstration model for showing how refrigerators and electrical compression heat pumps work.

EISCO Ring and Ball Products for Science Education

Mounted on brass rods with wooden handles.

Thermal Expansion Apparatus Products for Science Education

Bar and gauge device shows expansion due to heating and contraction due to cooling.

United Scientific Supplies Bimetal Strip Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the thermal properties of matter.

GSC Porous Cup for Voltaic Cell

A cup that works with the GSC Voltaic Cell. The GSC Porous Cup for Voltaic Cell holds both round and flat electrodes.

American Educational Products Fire Syringe Products for Science Education

Simple apparatus provides a vivid demonstration!

Ice Melting Set Products for Science Education

Two black blocks simply and quickly demonstrate differences in heat conductivity.

American Educational Products Ball and Ring Products for Science Education

Demonstrates expansion and contraction properties of metals.

Heat Transfer Kit Products for Science Education

Observe and measure the transfer of heat between two water samples of different temperatures.

American Educational Products Tyndall's Heating Apparatus Products for Science Education

Demonstration of the thermal capacities of various metals.

Investigating Energy Transfer Products for Science Education

This lesson consists of two experiments: “Exploring Radiation and Absorption” and “Exploring Conduction.”

GSC Voltaic Cell with 8 Electrodes and Porous Cup

Helps to visually demonstrate electro-chemical changes taking place. The GSC Voltaic Cell with 8 Electrodes and Porous Cup is supplied with electrodes that includes; copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, brass, iron and nickel, round carbon rod and a porous cup. The Voltaic Cell is ideal for demonstrating the characteristics of a primary cell.

GSC International Compound Bar Thermal Conductivity Demonstration Products for Science Education

Demonstrates thermostatic principles in classroom settings.The GSC International Compound Bar Thermal Conductivity Demonstration provides an illustration to students using a bi-metal strip mounted on a wooden handle which bends when heated.

GSC International Ball and Ring Metal Expansion Demonstration Products for Science Education

Demonstrates the principles of the expansion of metals. The GSC International Ball and Ring Metal Expansion Demonstration provides a simple and economical visual mechanism for explaining this concept. This demonstration is designed for use in classroom applications.

How Heat Flows Products for Science Education

Study various aspects of heat and temperature.

Concept of Heat and TemperatureK Products for Science Education

Materials and instructions for experimentation into the nature and properties of heat and temperature.

Specific Heat Sets Products for Science Education

Two specifc heat sets for demonstrations

American Educational Products Compound Bar Products for Science Education

Made from different metals to simulate a typical thermostat.

Conductivity Bars Products for Science Education

Demonstrates how different metals conduct heat at different rates.