Measurements Classroom Kits

Kemtec™ Reflection of Light Kit Products for Science Education

Study how light rays are reflected to give images back to our eyes.

EISCO Glass Displacement Vessel Products for Science Education

For specific gravity experiment. EISCO Glass Displacement Vessel features spout.

EISCO Halls Car Products for Science Education

For educational purpose.

United Scientific Supplies Measurement Kit Products for Science Education

Variety of tools and objects for teaching basics of measurement.

K'NEX Education™ Intermediate Math Building Set Products for Science Education

Build fundamental qualitative skills through active, constructive learning.

American Educational Products Decimal Squares™ and Overhead Transparencies Products for Science Education

Perfect visual model for teaching decimal and percents

American Educational Products Fraction Bars™ and Overhead Transparencies Products for Science Education

Develop concepts and language skills relative to fractions

Lab-Aids™ One in a Million: Large and Small Numbers Products for Science Education

A valuable math-science link to visualize one of a million.

Orienteering Kit Products for Science Education

Get started with map and compass work

Fieldmaster™ Basic Orienteering Kit Products for Science Education

Perfect for an introduction to compasses and directions

American Educational Products Student Protractor Products for Science Education

Half-disc student protractor for measuring an angle or a circle.

Science First™ Specific Gravity Blocks Products for Science Education

Are 13 x 13 x 50mm in size.

Science First™ Specific Gravity Cylinders Products for Science Education

50mm long and 13mm diameter.

Multilink 100 Pegboard Products for Science Education

Ideal for exploring number patterns, symmetry, and prime numbers

Grouping Circles Products for Science Education

Colorful manipulatives are ideal for counting, sorting activities.

Multilink Graph Board Products for Science Education

Ideal for illustrating block diagrams

Primary Measurement Kit Products for Science Education

See how you measure up

DiscoveryKits™ Stacking Weights Products for Science Education

Hexagon-shaped for easy handling and stacking.

Multilink Blocks Products for Science Education

Illustrate mathematic concepts with interlocking blocks in 10 different colors

Multilink Cube Pack Products for Science Education

Illustrate pattern recognition, problem solving, shape, space, position and movement, fractions, algebra, and more

Algebra Tiles™ Classroom Set Products for Science Education

Geometric models of polynomials explore algebra concepts

Multilink Classroom Activities Guide Products for Science Education

Activities for a variety of mathematical concepts

Relational Geometric Solids™ Products for Science Education

Demonstrate the relationship among shape, size and volume.

The Young Scientists Club™ Kit 2: Scientific Measurements Products for Science Education

Let students learn the importance of the metric system of measurement.

The Young Scientists Club™ Kit 11: Weight and Volume Products for Science Education

Concepts of weight and volume are combined to study density by making a peppercorn “magically” float.

Algebra Tiles™ Products for Science Education

Geometric models of polynomials help students explore algebra.

Focus on Middle Grade Math™ Overhead Fractions Kit Products for Science Education

Communicate key fraction concepts to your students.