Physics Classroom Test Kits

Alfa Aesar™ Suspension and Levitation Kit

Utilizes the Melt-Quench-Grow (MQG) process to fabricate High Temperature Superconductors

Solid Uninsulated #22 Wire Products for Science Education

Consumable for use in the science classroom or with kits.

Alfa Aesar™ Superconductivity Demonstration Kit

Introductory kit demonstrating the Meissner effect

3B Scientific™ Electrolyzers and Electrodes Products for Science Education

Electrolyzers with safety terminals.

3B Scientific™ Control Unit for Critical Potential Tubes Products for Science Education

Allows recording of acceleration voltage as function of anode current.

3B Scientific™ Basic Hall Effect Apparatus Products for Science Education

Provides contact, power supply and support to germanium crystal on circuit board in experiments on Hall effect or on conductivity.

3B Scientific™ Variable g Pendulum Products for Science Education

With continuously adjustable plane of oscillation.

Kemtec™ Boomilever Challenge Kit Products for Science Education

Teaches engineering through hands-on design, construction, testing and design iterations.

3B Scientific™ Metal Strips Products for Science Education

Used to demonstrate spot welding techniques.

Electricity Kits Products for Science Education

Electricity kits for a range of student skills.

Kemtec™ Simple Pendulum Kit Products for Science Education

Students use simple pendulums to accurately determine the passage of time.

3B Scientific™ Wave Demonstration Machine, Complete Set Products for Science Education

Supplement to demonstration wave machine comprising module with short pendulum bars, one transition module and two module couplers.

Kemtec™ Building Simple DC Circuits with Real Electronic Components Kit Products for Science Education

Teach simple DC circuitry using real components and help students relate projects to real world applications.

Kemtec™ Structures and Bridges Kit Products for Science Education

Students gain a comprehensive understanding of structural engineering concepts for supporting or resisting loads while building structures and bridges.

EISCO Electricity Kit Products for Science Education

Investigate the mystery of electricity through a series of simple experiments.

Kemtec™ Build Your Own Simple Electric Motor Kit Products for Science Education

Build your own simple electric motors using wire and magnets.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Atwood Machine Module Set Products for Science Education

Includes activities to help students understand simple machines and the idea of tension in a string when constructing a free body diagram.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Wave Demonstration Set Products for Science Education

Guides students through understanding standing waves, nodes, tension and speed.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electronics System 1 Products for Science Education

To explore common experiments such as The Half-Wave Rectifier, Measuring Gain with a Power Transistor, The Infrared Diode and Phototransistor, and The Unijunction Transistor.

EISCO Economy Electricity Kit Products for Science Education

Ideal for introductory electronics. EISCO Economy Electricity Kit is a basic assortment of circuit components.

EISCO Electrostatic Friction Rod Kit Products for Science Education

Use to study static electricity by creating charges with different materials.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electricity System 2 Products for Science Education

Students can explore common experiments such as Step-Up and Step-Down Transformers, and Motors in Series and Parallel.

EISCO Optics Kit Products for Science Education

An all-inclusive optics bench and kit a student can use to study geometrical optics and light.

3B Scientific™ Wave Demonstration Machine, Single Module Products for Science Education

Allows for easily visible demonstrations to show behavior and properties of transverse waves.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electrostatics Products for Science Education

To understand fundamental concepts of static electricity.

Eisco™ Electrostatics Kit Products for Science Education

Makes teaching electrostatics easier.

EISCO NeuLog Magnet Kit Products for Science Education

To investigate magnetic fields. EISCO NeuLog Magnet Kit allows students to compare magnetic field of two different magnets.

3B Scientific™ Electrostatic Equipment Set Products for Science Education

Perform experiments to investigate electrostatic phenomena using this set.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electricity System 1 Products for Science Education

Students can explore common experiments such as Ohm's Law, Series and Parallel Resistance Circuits, Kirchhoff's Laws, and RC Circuits.

EISCO Physics Kit: Electronics System 2 Products for Science Education

To explore common experiments such as The Astable Multivibrator, The Full-Wave Rectifier, The Push-Pull Amplifier, and building basic Two Stage Audio Amplifier.