Simple Machines Classroom Kits

EISCO Visual Scientifics Wave Demonstration Set Products for Science Education

Guides students through understanding standing waves, nodes, tension and speed.

EISCO Optics Kit Products for Science Education

An all-inclusive optics bench and kit a student can use to study geometrical optics and light.

Kemtec™ Structures and Bridges Kit Products for Science Education

Students gain a comprehensive understanding of structural engineering concepts for supporting or resisting loads while building structures and bridges.

3B Scientific™ Variable g Pendulum Products for Science Education

With continuously adjustable plane of oscillation.

3B Scientific™ Electrostatic Equipment Set Products for Science Education

Perform experiments to investigate electrostatic phenomena using this set.

Wimshurst Machine Products for Science Education

Generates electrical charges.

3B Scientific™ Control Unit for Critical Potential Tubes Products for Science Education

Allows recording of acceleration voltage as function of anode current.

Kemtec™ Simple Pendulum Kit Products for Science Education

Students use simple pendulums to accurately determine the passage of time.

Kemtec™ Building Simple DC Circuits with Real Electronic Components Kit Products for Science Education

Teach simple DC circuitry using real components and help students relate projects to real world applications.

Kemtec™ Boomilever Challenge Kit Products for Science Education

Teaches engineering through hands-on design, construction, testing and design iterations.

3B Scientific™ Basic Hall Effect Apparatus Products for Science Education

Provides contact, power supply and support to germanium crystal on circuit board in experiments on Hall effect or on conductivity.

Kemtec™ Build Your Own Simple Electric Motor Kit Products for Science Education

Build your own simple electric motors using wire and magnets.

3B Scientific™ Wave Demonstration Machine, Complete Set Products for Science Education

Supplement to demonstration wave machine comprising module with short pendulum bars, one transition module and two module couplers.

Kemtec™ Build a Crystal Radio w/an Amplifier: Exploring Wavelength, Frequency, Amplitude Products for Science Education

Students explore wavelength, frequency and amplitude while immersed in hands-on experimentation.

EISCO Visual Scientifics Atwood Machine Module Set Products for Science Education

Includes activities to help students understand simple machines and the idea of tension in a string when constructing a free body diagram.

EISCO Water Turbine with Dynamo/Hydroelectrical Station Products for Science Education

Convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

3B Scientific™ Metal Strips Products for Science Education

Used to demonstrate spot welding techniques.

3B Scientific™ Wave Demonstration Machine, Single Module Products for Science Education

Allows for easily visible demonstrations to show behavior and properties of transverse waves.

K'NEX Education™ Building Simple Machines Classroom Kit Products for Science Education

Students discover the scientific concepts associated with simple machines, including levers, pulleys, wheel and axles, inclined planes, gears, wedges and screws.

American Educational Products Magnetic Wand Products for Science Education

Used to determine magnetic object.

Lab-Aids™ Simple Machines Products for Science Education

In this series of three sequentially designed activities, students manipulate three different simple machines — lever, inclined plane and pulley.

Rattlebacks Products for Science Education

Rattlebacks or “Celtic Stones” are a curious study in mechanics.

fischertechnik™ Education Automated High Bay Warehouse TXT 9V Model Products for Science Education

Construction set which focuses on important modern industrial mechanics. fischertechnik™ Education Automated High Bay Warehouse TXT, 9V helps builders to learn about automated mechanical concepts that are used in various industries, including manufacturing.

fischertechnik™ Education Plus Power Set 120V Products for Science Education

Ideal for powering stationary models. fischertechnik™ Education Plus Power Set is a power unit with infinitely variable control unit.

fischertechnik™ Education Robotic in Industry Kit Products for Science Education

Provides with instructions and materials for building robots. fischertechnik™ Education Robotic in Industry helps in building four reality-based and fully functional industrial simulation including a high-rack storage robot, 3-axis robot and 2 other grappler robots.

fischertechnik™ Education Physics I Model Set Products for Science Education

To learn about physical phenomena such as acceleration, inertia of mass, laws of mass, and more. fischertechnik™ Education Physics I Set includes track based, coaster style models to make physics engaging and easy to understand.

fischertechnik™ Education Punching Machine with Conveyor Belt 24V Model Products for Science Education

For industrial automation training. fischertechnik™ Punching Machine with Conveyor Belt 24V is pre-assembled with two light barriers and one machining station.

fischertechnik™ Robotics TXT Controller Products for Science Education

Interface for controlling robotic models. fischertechnik™ Education Robotics TXT Controller can be controlled easily with the color 2.4 in. touch display.